Fukushima four years later

Shhhh! Clickers!

From the same person that did the Chernobyl journal a few years ago. Many more here:


That’s a fascinating article. Thanks.

Great photos and very interesting writing as well. The idea that parts of the region are being cleaned up, but only in a limited way (where storms or fire could spread the contamination) is terrifying. Imagine thinking “I can walk down this road, but 10 meters to the side is a radiation wasteland.” I’d be surprised if many people move back into the orange or green zones.

Also, I’m oddly sad for those cows. People got out, but pets and other animals were abandoned.

really spooky, all those lives changed for good. Very humbling, and cheers for the article Telefrog

Thanks for the link, Telefrog. That’s a really interesting article and amazing pictures.

When I saw the new Godzilla movie, when they returned to the abandoned town I thought “there is no way things would be that overgrown”. To see what that area looks like in only 4 years? Wow, nature is just really aggressive once people aren’t around to hold it back any more.

Wild flowers began to grown through the rubble in Hiroshima less than a month after the bomb was dropped.


The other one that got me was the money room in the pachinko parlor.

“Yay! Free money!”

“Oh, it’s all radioactive.”

Find the drawer full of bottle caps! Trust me!

… and keep an eye out for radroaches

Impressive. And strange: it’s probably in the article that I am about to read, but what’s up with those cars? You’re truly screwed if you are parked in the middle of that and want to go home early…

Edit: Ah, it’s a dump. Well, very neatly done…

“You don’t screw around with radiation, it screws around with you.” as an NBC instructor once told us. Chernobyl was how long ago now? Quite a while, although i did see a report recently on general wildlife doing well in the region…i’ll see if i can find it…

‘Wildlife thriving around Chernobyl nuclear plant despite radiation’:

so yeah, definitely keep an eye out for radroaches.

Earthquake woke us up in the morning. So far the tsunami seems quite small (about 60cm) so hopefully there won’t be any damage.

My wife just landed in Tokyo yesterday, for a week visiting her family.

Tokyo seems pretty clear from any potential harm as a result of this latest quake. Still makes me fret!