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Dang it!

It’s our weapons cache for the I hate this guy thread.

Never hurts to spread the word. It’s one of the wonders of the internet!

Well done, @Left_Empty. :)

Oh man, memory lane. I think I still have a box with every CGW from V1 issue 1 but I haven’t pulled them out yet. April of 1999 was my first article for CGW; I’d been writing for CGS+/CGM and Denny Atkin had been after me to write for CGW and I’d said no, I don’t have time to write for more magazines, and then he offered me a 4 page WWII sims strategy/tips article, which is in that issue. I was blown away by how good they made my article look, the artwork and everything else that they did with my screenshots, quotes, etc. blew me away. My editor (Denny) was pretty good too. ;)

Then I was hooked and they let me write for them for a long time. Going through those issues is a nostalgia blast.