Full Auto X360

If you haven’t spotted it yet, the Full Auto demo is now available for download in the Xbox Live Marketplace. It’s a grand total of 646.47 MB.

Gentlemen, start your modems. My download is moving along fairly well, already 20% complete and I just started it going a minute or two ago.

Impressions to follow.

Mine is going hella slow - the first demo I’ve downloaded that didn’t move along at a reasonable clip. It’s looking like maybe an hour to download at this rate, while everything else took about 10 minutes.

I’m guessing their servers are getting slammed right now, but that’s no real excuse. They should have the capacity to deal with this kind of thing. They had better get it in gear before the Halo 3 demo comes out and 5 million (by then) 360 owners try to download it in the same 5-minute span. :P

I think Microsoft will have to devise a “If you’re gamertag starts with A-F…” system.

And mine is done! That wasn’t too bad, under 20 minutes.

About the same for me, 15-20 minutes or so.

The game itself is… interesting. Burnout with guns, except the driving is a little more slide-y and there’s a prince of persia rewind feature. Getting out in front of the race makes you a target and it’s tough to tell which things you can/should crash into to get wreck points and what you should avoid.

Just played a quick match before hitting the sack.

Very nice looking game, though I don’t find it as sharp as PGR3 in terms of graphics. I’ve been playing PGR3 for the last couple of nights, so it’s really fresh in my mind.

The gameplay is definitely different. I can see what it’s trying to achieve, but my first impression is that it’s not quite getting it. Basically, it’s trying to give you a high speed, sloppy driving sim while still alllowing you to spend a lot of your time focusing on shooting explosive things at your opponents. Maybe I’ve just been playing too much PGR3 lately, but the driving part leaves me a bit cold, and the shooting part isn’t as “BIG GUNS!!!11111111112111111111!!!” fun as I thought it would be. It could just be the limited car/weapon selection, though.

It really reminds me a lot of Twisted Metal, but with more emphasis on driving. The fact that the demo doesn’t seem to have any multiplayer to sample is also a bit of a letdown. That’s surely where most of the mayhem will come in.

I should add that things go smash and/or boom very nicely. I barreled my way through a casino completely by accident!

Does anyone know if the Live demo is different from the one in the OXM magazine a month ago (which I’ve already played)?

I tried to download it last night. After about 90 minutes and only 57% done, i gave up. Maybe it will finish tonight.

I played the OXM demo as well. If it’s the same thing then I’ll gladly skip it.

Yeah, I thought it was decent. I was very excited about the game but the demo was pretty standard stuff. I wasn’t sure if it was my high expectations but I was just a little dissappointed.

I was pretty disappointed as well. Graphically it was kind of subpar and the gameplay just didn’t grab me.

The demo definitely doesn’t impress. It’s fun to break everything (even walls), but just racing two laps with a couple of cars isn’t much fun.

This is the kind of game that could be fun if the meta-game is there: if you can earn money or points or something and purchase new cars, buy new weapons, and choose your loadout just the way you like. And if you’re having trouble with a race, you can race easier parts until you save up enough money to make your ride more badass and crush the competition.

I don’t know if that’s what Full Auto is, though. I get the impression it’s a fairly straightforward series of races, quarter-muncher style. I hope not, but that’s kinda what I’m expecting. Based purely on this demo, I’m not going to buy the game unless the reviews convince me otherwise.

I wish there was something out there to bring (sort of) Car Wars to the modern computer age the way Flashpoint (sort of) gave me Twilight 2000. Unfortunately Full Auto doesn’t fit the bill I was hoping for.

I was thinking about a car wars game design, not done like Full Auto mind you, but something similar.

My only problem was that I couldn’t find much depth in it. For a decent indie Car Wars-like, try Mexican Motor Mafia.

Mexican Motor Mafia was alot of fun, but rather short. I’d love to something like that a bit more fleshed out.

650 megs, eh? Sweet, I told you guys that damn 20 gig drive was entirely too small. Can you hook up a USB 2 external drive? I’d do that in a minute.

You play the demo. You delete it. What’s the big deal?

I dunno I guess people like to keep the demos forever or something.

Not because of this one demo - I’m saying “Here we go with the half gig downloads already.” Think it’s going to be all demos? Nothing you want to keep?

How long until you can purchase games for download over Live? I’m betting you’ll see it this gen. Not popcap or retrocade stuff either. HL2 steam style. Get a couple of MMO games on there each sucking down 3-4 gig and tell me how it is then.

If that happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft started offering larger drives. Maybe they should have to start, but at least they had the forethought to make the drive removeable.