Full Canvas Jacket

I read about this mod (or as they call it, a “superpatch”) for Red Baron 3D some time back, and was very interested. Now, in reading its website, I’ve already ordered my copy. While I love RB3D, this looks to make it even better. Just thought I’d share it with y’all. :) Enjoy.

Those are some solid sheep. Look at the shadows on those things!

Oh maaaaaaan, those are some sweeeeeeeeeet sheeeeeeeeeep…

Move to New Zealand, you’d fit right in.

Awww… Fluffy sheepie![/minter]

If you go to the Red Baron forum at SimHQ.com, and look in the Full Canvas Jacket thread, you’ll see some of the cockpits that Kess has produced (using actual photos of the originals.) Absolutely incredible.