Full sized virtual planet

This seems interesting. Any application for space sims here? Or is the technology no big deal?

I dunno. I can remember, as a spotty 13-year old being tremendously excited by the previews for Frontier - “The whole of the Milky Way simulated?” “This is going to be so cool.”

And when I finally got it, I played it incessantly for three weeks before realising that there was no point going anywhere, because everywhere was just the damned same…

And the frame rate on my Amiga was starting to hurt my eyes.

As customer #206 of Pandromeda’s Mojoworld, it’s great to see its technology get used in a game. However, it will be a heavily scaled-down MojoWorld you’ll see in this game. Some of the more interesting algorithms in that app require whole planet information to do their calculations (i.e. figuring out riverbeds and erosion over time). The upshot is that this ought to be a nice 21st century Rescue at Fractalus, but don’t expect miracles…

As far as the game itself: how interesting is a game where people will likely have a 100 square miles to themselves?

Well, I still kind of like the idea, in theory, of space-sim-type games where you have complete free reign, where you could land on any part of any planet and walk around to your heart’s content. Of course putting interesting content there is a different matter and would take ridiculous man-hours. (If you could come up with algorithms to generate interesting terrain, weather – dare I say it? – ecosystems, that would have intriguing results. Eh, you’d still have to oversee the graphics for all of it. I guess it would take too much manpower.)

What are the planet surfaces like in BCM? Can you walk across an entire planet, or are only certain zones accessible, or what?

If you can’t futz with the terrain, MojoWorld can do some pretty cool real-time procedural terrain/weather/oceans. Once you allow the end-user to alter things, however, it will slow down exponentially because the changes will butterfly their way throughout the entire works over time. You can code around this somewhat by dampening it out over time/space, but now imagine 1,000 independent agents doing this at once and well you’re right back where you started. Here’s a major complication right here: the clouds flow correctly around terrain. Now what happens the minute you raise/lower a new terrain patch?

However, I could see a really cool space exploration though with a built-in directive against wrecking anything. Hell, just a space tourism app would be great for kids.

BTW don’t get me wrong - I LOVE MojoWorld. I’m even using it for some of the features of the game I’m developing as it makes absolutely killer terrain and procedural objects.

Download the Episode 2 demo and see for yourself

I never have - and never will - use any form of zoning. Thats what bleeding edge technology is about. No boundaries.