Fun Geography Game

I’ve been playing this for a while:

I can’t make it past round 10, see how well you can do. Tip: proximity is much more important that speed.


A few thousand short of completing the final level 12 on first pass: 54704. I’ve even been to one of the level 12 places: Kuressaare in Estonia! :)

Well done! I’m sure it helps to be over there in the neighborhood of all the little Eastern European and ex-USSR countries, I generally lose between those and Africa.


Level 8 with 21137

Closest Madrid Spain at 21km
Farthest Senegal at just under 6000km

Ack, 37511 on level 11 first try. I don’t know the Pacific and Australia at all. Final score 434037. Traveller IQ 117.

Map is too damn small.

So if it asks for something in Tanzania and you accidentally click on Tasmania (going for speed over accuracy), how dumb are you? And by “you” I mean “I”. :P Died at 34250 on level 9 (need 35000 to continue).

Would be nice to have a larger map. Hard to get closer than 100km cities even when you know exactly their location.

Yay, level 12! If I hadn’t assumed some “XYZ island, Norway” was somewhere near Norway as opposed to the South Atlantic, I’d have got to level 13.

507865 points on Level 11. Just 2k shy of getting to the last level.

The trackpad is killing me. I need to try again with a mouse.

Level 11, 54748 on my first try. A larger map would help.

I’m not sure why they even specify locations in places like Denmark, Bangladesh, and Togo, when you have to take careful aim just to fit the entire country underneath the cursor.

Bombed out on 11, at which point it seemed to get pretty arbitrary unless you know the names of obscure municipalities. I think the game may be a few years old (I have a sense of deja vu from it) so they may have been expecting a lower screen resolution. It’s certainly easier to play in 1024x768.

enjoying the game, but going to have to try again on the “proper” computer with the bigger screen and proper mouse :)

Makes no difference, Need a smaller screen than the laptop maybe. Some wrong ones down to ignorance, but anything in Europe is down to pot luck as to where you get the mouse :(

28,652 points. I generally knew the countries but those specific locations in huge countries like USA, Canada and Australia were killing me. Guessing doesn’t work so well there!

Level 10 on my first try. Africa is what killed me because most of my knowledge of geography is based on history and that’s a region of the world I rarely read about. Plus the map size is pretty hard. Even if you know where something is its easy to miss it by 50-100km because you can’t even see exact details.