Fun stats in research for Met_K

Since you enjoyed the women with AIDs stat. How is this one.

Depression rampant in teens

Depression is rampant in teenagers, but very few receive any treatment for its symptoms and nearly half believe they are worse off than their peers, a new study says.

Wouldn’t that just simply be true? Take any group of people, one half will be doing better than the other half? Since it wasn’t exactly 50%, that makes some of these kids liars.


Oh, poo, and here I figured someone went and drug up all my alt.rock-n-roll.metal.metallica trolls from the last four years. Damn.

Depression is rampant in teenagers. Most don’t get help. Half believe they’re worse off than their peers. Perhaps if this had anything to do with sex or race I’d be mad, but it doesn’t. If it said, “Half of all females with depression believe they’re worse off than others,” then I’d be mad. I dislike gender biased reporting and statistics, just like I do anything-biased reporting.

And I just plain dislike statistics.

Sure, but this study is about what people believe, not what is actually true. As far as I recall from my brief time as a psychology student, people on average believe that they are better than most, even if that obviously can’t be true for all of them.

Sure it can. Humans have different values, and they pursue their own values. So Human A might have Values A and he thinks he’s better than others because he pursues these values well. Human B has Values B and he thinks he’s better than Human A because unlike Human A, he pursues the greater values, B. Likewise with Human C, etc.

The only time two people AGREE that one of them is greater than the other is when they SHARE elements of identity, such that they are actually “competing”. If two people BOTH have Values A then they can agree that one of them better pursues the Values, for example.

Certainly. I was just thinking of this in a scientific context, where such a study would have to apply the same scale of goodness to all partcicipants in the study.