Fun Stuff for your NWN2

Even Better AI

A Metric Shit-ton of Enhancements to the real Crafting system of NWN2:

Medieval and Elven Weaponry to replace ugly stock model/textures:

All the colors you could ever want for characters:

Make your instrument do something if you’re a bard:

Nudism (if you are into that kind of thing)

Use several new heads on any character race

Ninja and Hexblade classes

Choose NW9 or Shadow Thief any time without the special feat

3.5 PNP Hack - Make things more like the real pen and paper 3.5 (or customize to your liking by editing the file or taking out/putting in modular optional files)

This files enables 3 races and 4 classes.
Wild elf, Lizzard Folk and Ghostwise Halfling.
Contemplative, Sacred Fist, Neverwinter Nine Agent and Neverwinter Nine Magus.

FYI this one, the ninja/hexblade, and the 3.5 PNP hack have some files that don’t play nice together unless you edit them.

How good is the enhanced henchman AI?

Dunno, gonna try it out. It offers (by default) an ability for them to switch between a ranged and melee weapon when appropriate. The only downside is the mechanic for setting it is a bit cumbersome, but fortunately you can disable it by editing one of the text files that comes with it.

Also, I was hacking away using Beyond Compare on trying to merge all three of the afore mentioned 2da files (spells.2da, feats.2da, classes.2da, etc) to make them work together. Hopefully my NWN2 doesn’t explode. If it ends up working, I’ll have to host the files someplace.

Multiclass OC Companions

Like the last comment says edit Quara back to normal. Neeshka as a Duelist, Khelgar as a Dragon Disciple or Bishop as an Assassin! Or whatever else you want! Yay!

The crafting mod is very tempting, particularly since I’m on my 2nd play-thru with a monk and the game has no recipes for crafting gloves.

Oh, good catch, I missed the multi-class companions mod. Also, don’t try to merge those three things. I went for the 3.5 PNP as it’s the most comprehensive of the three.

Full Forgotten Realms Dieties selection list

Less Obtrusive Spell Effects

Charlie UI (two thinner hotbars, bigger inventory area, etc)

Party Manager

It won’t enhance the campaign, but the Pirate Cards minigame module is a lot of fun:

Awesome stuff, thanks.

This is as good a place as any to ask (I apologise for derailing the thread.). How do I drop someone from my party? I’ve just gotten to Never Winter and I want to hoof that whining druid out of my party.

Just go to the tavern that you’re directed to. When you leave you can reform your party.

If your main character is male, you should know that WhinyDruidess is the one and only NPC written with a “romance” quest line. Personally I preferred an NPC that gleefully set things on fire to one that whined and eventually pretended to be my D&D Girlfriend, but that’s just me.

Unfortunately the gleefully setting things on fire is inbetween her bitching and moaning about how she’s so awesome and that the academy is a bunch of retards. Frankly the female companions were pretty trash in NWN2, with the slight exception of Neeshka (although I’m not a fan of rogues). I would have much rather had the lady who runs your keep, Torio, and/or Light-of-Heavens instead of the Whiny-Bunch.

I’m quite fond of Neeshka. She’s spunky, I like that. When whineydruidess is busy whining it’s great to have a companion who says exactly what you are thinking.

I will miss her lightning though.

You should know that after a while Elanee pretty much shuts up. If you treat her decently she is pretty damn useful in the end-game. When the Circle of the Mere accused her of having the stench of the city on her, I almost felt bad for the tree-hugger.

OK, I think the derail should stop here…

I’m looking forward to a more complete release of the Pools of Radiance Remastered mod.

Is this game worth paying $50?

No, but you can get it for $34.95 on GoGamer, which I think is reasonable. I paid $50 and got $10 off when it failed to work as promised by Direct2Drive. They’ve since fixed the issues and I’m happy with their service again.

An update on the PRC being ported to NWN2:

Hasnt died, but alot of issues still remain. Our whole system for psionics and extra spells, and feats via the feats radial needs an overhaul to work in NWN2. Obsidian has still not released any specs for the 2da files, erf 1.1, etc. so alot of our time is spent guessing what the hell they did. (I have not seen any reason the new NWN2 right click menu UI is better than the NWN1 radial one, especially for modders).

It’s still in progress, but the holiday season has slowed down alot of work. Stay tuned. My guess… not before the 1.04 NWN2 patch for sure. May even need the 1.05 patch if we keep running into problems.

The good… we got most of the stuff from NWN1 compiled and installed into NWN2, the bad… key systems dont work out of the box and need to be fixed for nwn2, all of our icons and VFX from nwn1 cant be ported over so they need to be remade. It could take weeks or it could take months, hard to tell at this point. The nice thing is Obs has had some communications with us, and are alot more willing to listen to use than Bioware ever was.

From what I’ve read, 1.04 changeset was locked before Obsidian really got a feel for what the custom content community needed (before they started browsing the forums, basically), so it will be 1.05 before the issues are really resolved. Cool that they were completely forthcoming on the issue though, they do seem to be listening.