Fun video game quiz

I got 88%. I felt robbed by my wrong answers.

82% here.

84%. A few of them were rip-offs, though, where they’d show you a tiny screen and gives you multiple options from the same series.

92%. I missed one because I didn’t read the question all the way.


some stupid ones in there

98%, though I really should have gotten the tetris one.

84% here.

Not too shabby considering I never played about half the games mentioned there.

88% damnit

The two that I got ripped off on were:

The picture of Kane from C&C. But it wasn’t Kane, it was the other bald guy who looks exactly like Kane named Yuri.

And the first online FPS? Duke Nukem. I distinctly remember playing it over TCP/IP. Granted, you had to run a third party app to get it to work, but it was still first.

82% mad some dumb mistakes, but also some lucky guesses.

70% here. Didnt know alot of the older stuff, and some of those questions were just screwing with you.

What the hell are all those mediocre shooters in there?

92%, clicked too fast in one, didn’t really know the name of a character in another.

90%… Screwed up a few times (megaman Bomberman one, Just clicked too fast, as its painfully obvious) The C&C Kain and Yuri one. And, again, too fast of a click on two or three others.

By that logic, if you’re talking about Kali, you could play Hexen, or Heretic, or even Doom over TCP/IP. So… incorrect.

Anyway I got 86%. One lucky guess.

Just 66%. I’m dumb. :(

72% I guess I need to play more rts and fps.

49/50. Missed the Gran Turismo thing.

76%. I ain’t so hardcore …

72%… eh