Fun with Wiki vandalism

Someone replaced the wiki entry for “Republican” with “republicans are non thinking ass monkeys”.

It looks like the whole page has been pulled and is now totally blank.

Check out the discussion.

[Edit]: Eh, never mind. It’s old.

It’s back.

Ahhh wikipedia. Perhaps it’s time for a Gary Whitta article.

He did try, but choggle pants was rejected by the heathen wiki gods.

For fun, why don’t we trump up an entire article on a fake subject. If three or four people want to “archive” fake articles for citations from nonexistant local papers on their webpages, we could invent an author with a sordid past and rabid following. Say, a PDF of a fake newspaper article from the 1970’s, a magazine piece on the person or subject from the mid 1980’s coming from a now defunct but real general interest women’s magazine, on online article purporting to have an interview with someone involved (originally conducted in 1999, but moved from the original website just recently), and maybe something else.

If we put our heads together, we can waste a lot of people’s time.