Funny WoW Q&A

Some site posted a long Q&A with someone from the WoW dev team. I read about 2/3 of it, and I swear this dev didn’t answer one single question that was asked. Every answer is some variation on “I don’t know” or “We haven’t decided.” I’m not sure what motivated the site owner to post it, but it was a good laugh.

Jeez that was a TERRIBLE interview. The interviewer tried, asking some reasonably detailed questions on a host of specific issues, but he had no followup whatsoever to the litany of “don’t know, can’t answer, don’t wanna say” responses. Man. I hope that was just an accident: some guy without a lot of knowlege who got shanghaied into an interview. Because if the interview-ee represents the level of knowledge and planning at Blizzard right now, then WoW is in trouble :).

Hopefully it was just a crap interview and not a sign of deeper problems…


Considering that the guy is a level designer I’m suprised that so few of the questions actually ventured into the realm of, well, level design. The one question where the interviewer asked about expanding dungeons he piped right up, giving one of his most elaborate and detailed answers. :D

It was a funny piece of work to be sure. I don’t think though it’s a case of Blizzard not knowing it’s a case of them simply not wanting to say. In which case why they grant interviews is a bit baffling…