Interestingly, “PlayStation”, the proper name for Sony’s console is not corrected in my Word. Now I’m wondering if I ever put that into my spell checker as an ok word?


I know I never added any words to my dictionary, and PlayStation isn’t listed as an error for me, either.

The Gamecube one is interesting. I would presume that by the time they were working on Word 2003, it was already out in the US. Not a lot of game fans in the Word group at MS, I guess.

I tried some other stuff and Dreamcast is ok by Word as is N64, Nintendo 64, and some others I threw in for the heck of it. Dreamcast is noteworthy because it’s definitely not a real word.


Back when MS was first putting out Word and integrated a spellchecker, right around the time it was pushing its doublespace utility through MS-DOS 5+ I guess, you could put “doublespace” in Word and have it come back as “doubletalk”. Lots of people thought that was amusing.

— Alan

I don’t think this is anything deliberate. Word’s dictionary is far from complete, and doesn’t even include many regularly used real words, let alone brand names.

Here’s a small selection of the many perfectly acceptable words I’ve had to add to Word in the last year:


That last one was added because of a visit to Mount Wank in the Bavarian Alps. Honest!

I mean if they were excluding competitors from the dictionary, then why is Linux in there?

Would that be anywhere near Fucking ? There’s a gag waiting to be made here but I can’t think of it :(

Not saying they were excluding anythnig on purpose really. Just noting (as the original site did) that it’s amusing what works and what doesn’t. :)


Yes, Larry, Wank is about 2 hours from Fucking. Unfortunately Fucking is a lot harder to get to, so I’ve not been there yet.

Germany is great if you have a juvenile sense of humour, because they have rude words everywhere and they are completely oblivious to it.

There is a local painter and decorator called Wank too, and they drive around in a van with those letters displayed in a giant sized font on the side. There are a number of companies with the initials ASS, and in Esslingen near Stuttgart you can see the famous “Dicker Turm” or “Fat Tower”, which is known locally as the “dick”. From all over town you can see this great tower with the words “DICK” displayed proudly on it, and signs saying this way for dick.

The licence plates are good too. My town has a lot of BMWs and Mercedes driving around with “COCK” displayed on the front. You can have fun in other nearby towns like “Furth” (FU) as well.

This thread officially NSFW. Heheh.