Furniture with free/cheap shipping

I’m trying to outfit my basement right now, and looking for furniture.

The problem is, all the furniture you buy online or in stores seems to have $100-200 shipping charges. I mean, I don’t mind spending a bit more on a nice piece, but paying an extra $400 to get it delivered seem ridiculous.

So what sites/places have free or cheap shipping? So far I’ve found:

  • - normally $2.50 shipping on most stuff
  • IKEA in store - $75 for up to like a dozen pieces, which puts it down to a reasonable $25 or so per item

That’s about it. Anyone know of any other places to get furniture, either in person or online, and have cheap shipping?

One qualifier, I’m talking about real, nice furniture, not particleboard stuff (IKEA has a few all wood things and leather, which is why it’s included in my list).

Depending on your location, Ashley furniture absolutely rocks. You go to the showroom, and pick out your furniture. It’s all solid wood, incredibly well-priced. You won’t see a high standard of finish, but the materials are top-notch. You then either pick up your furniture at the store when it is delivered, or pay a (I think) 75$ delivery fee for everything.

I bought a couch, six chairs, and a coffee table, and I’m extremely happy with all pieces. The couch came with a broken foot, so they left it with me, then replaced it with a new one once it was delivered. Also, you pay VERY low prices for the materials.


If you consider real nice furniture to be anything not made of particle board, then you are likely to be okay with Houngan’s suggestion. I find the fit and finish, and overall workmanship of the furniture to be a bit poor with Ashley. You may want to try dealing with a local non-chain furniture store. If you are buying a bunch of pieces, it’s likely the price of the furniture and delivery costs would all be negotiable.

Or check out your local antique mall. We’ve got one that is huge, and while the nice pieces are way too expensive, they have something of an elephant graveyard upstairs, where you can pick up some amazing deals.


Try This stuff is pretty nice (for the most part) and comes from their regular site when they’re trying to liquidate when a line gets to low stock status. We’ve had some pretty good luck with some of their stuff. Got an entire eight piece solid wood craftsman-style dining set for under $500.
With a lot of pieces, they will still hit you with some heavy shipping (like $75 for a sofa), but it’s easier to swallow when they’re liquidating and have priced things at deep discounts.

Anyway, most of their upholstered furniture is put together on solid wood frames AFAIK.