Just saw the cat episode and loved it!

"Amy, technology isn't intrinsically good or evil. It's how it's used. Like the Death Ray."


They just had to throw a bone* to creationists and/or religious cosmology, eh?

Oh well, it was pretty decent. Still laughed quite a few times, like when the spring fossil bender made showed up in the robot museum as a link.

*Har har.


Futurama has a God. Bender met him.


I think this ep even has a joke about God being a robot that speaks binary.


I liked that one a lot. Maybe it benefited from comparison to the cat episode, which itself was hurt by comparison to the brilliant time machine episode, anyway, very enjoyable and imaginative episode. At first I was worried that it was going to try to be too much about current issues, but in the end they used the future setting really well. Probably one of the best two or three episodes this season.


Ya, and that was a great episode. I guess that's part of being so topical. I liked that episode a lot because it was more like a "what if." Bender got a chance to see what it's like to be god, rather than examining some topical debate for jokes.


Apparently robots employ Lamarckian evolution. Surprise!


A decent episode; much better than the last. I could have done without the Cubert B story though. The meat of the episode was the best part. I think the writing of the new season needs some serious editing and cutting. For instance, did they really need the opening part with the evolution protesters and Dr. Banjo? It wasn't funny and was a pretty crappy lead in to the rest of the episode. What happened to starting an episode with the crew having to make a delivery? It's a great plot device. Same with the episode with the Sithal war reenactment: both unfunny and unnecessary.


I dunno. Dr. Zoidberg calling Cubert a terrible person in the episode's last line got a huge laugh out of me.


I felt the B story was a bit weak until Zoidberg called Cubert terrible after trying to win his affection throughout the show.

Enjoyed seeing the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Pastafarians for the win!


Mop bucket loves Scruffy!


That was definitely the best Non-Story episodes of the new season, and stands up well next to the silly ones of yester-seasons.


"You mean like my penis?"


That was awesome.


Agreed. It had everything! I liked the return of the arbitrary math puzzle at the end, especially given that they actually demonstrated the solution. I do want to look at the HD freeze frame of that chalkboard though.





Was anyone else expecting Sweet Clyde to have someone else's brain at the end?


p.s. http://io9.com/5617470/


Impressive/scary. I'm still stuck at figuring out what the title is supposed to be a spoof of.