Name’s Scruffy.

The Janitor.


I’ve never seen you before.


The Mop Bucket/Scruffy scene was priceless (sob sob mmm, yup), but that version of Amy’s body in the pic is when she’s occupied by Bender, and he gets a gander at the Emperor’s robot girlfriend.


Pretty sure everybody in this thread already knew that. But as long as you’re here, could you remind us what color the sky is?


Man, talk about throwing formula out the window.

You’ve got an A plot with the mind swapping machine and magical math solution, a B plot with Bender trying to steal the emperor’s jewels (and empire), a C plot with Fry and Leela playing oneupmanship, a D plot with the Professor seeking the thrills of youth, an E plot with Amy on an eating binge, and an F(!?) plot with the forbidden love between Scruffy and his Washbucket.

All resolved handily in 23 minutes. Ye gods!


No no… it’s ALL the “A” plot. It’s like Three Hundred Big Boys in that regard.


Except a lot better than 300 Big Boys. Not that that was a bad episode.

-Leela. Amy?

That little exchange was great. I loved how everyone quickly accepted the mind switching.

-Show me to my normal human roommate.
-He’s right there, possibly.


A floor?! We live like kings!


I had no idea something so convoluted could still be so awesome!


I’m inclined to agree. No particular scene in this episode tops Fry’s hundredth cup of coffee (though Mop Bucket came close), but the episode as a whole was uniformly stronger.


Good episode. Not great.


Wait… so Futurama, the show, exists in the Futurama universe?


No. Futurella, a show set in the year 4010, exists in the Futurama universe.

It is Matt Groening’s followup to his hit The Simpsons in the latter half of the twentieth century.

While The Simpsons lasted for enough seasons that people a thousand years later anxiously await another movie, Futurella lasted for one half of its credits sequence. Which is probably enough for it to develop a rabid cult following.


Good to see QT3 will still be around in 3010.


I was hoping we’d get to see the ship.


This is what I get for occasionally forgetting that I have to be painfully specific around here. Duh, yes, Futurella. But at the same time, we had Bender entering and winning the costume contest dressed as Leela.

Anyway, meh. It had some moments, but was mostly flat. I have no idea how the beaten-into-the-ground gag with Fry’s comic book was supposed to be funny.


Was it meant to be funny? I just thought it was part of the story. Not every second of the episode has to be a punchline, after all.


Bender was dressed as “every nerd’s fantasy.” Which just so happened to be a humanoid mutant/alien with purple hair. It was a bit of lampshading on their part.


Also – what the hell is with next week’s episode being the “season finale” How many episodes did that make? Eight?


That’ll make 12.