All airing in the same time slot on consecutive weeks! It’s a record!


With a bonus episode at Christmas.


I enjoyed the comiccon jokes, freezeframed a few of them. Line for next year’s convention indeed. The comic subplot does largely reinforce Fry’s super power, which is indeed random chance.


Is it just me or does this season have more subplots than the rest of them? I’m having a hard time thinking of many episodes in the original run that had as many discrete A/B(/C) plots as this new season.


I enjoyed this last episode. I think it is in the three spot for me (behind The Late Philip J. Fry and Prisoner of Benda).


Hooray! A happy ending for the rich people!


I just watched the last 2 episodes and I felt they were both pretty solid. Overall, despite a somewhat rocky start, I think that the 12 ep mini-season was up there with the original seasons in terms of quality. Not every episode was amazing, but they were all watchable.

They’ve done a handy job of converting Fry and Leela’s relationship, but maybe it wasn’t that big a change. Basically, it’s still the case that Fry’s totally in love with her, and she clearly has feelings for him, but is a little embarassed about it. That’s not that big a change, and it allows their dynamic to be about the same, even if the details of the storylines is a little different.

Overall, different network and movie-hiatus aside, it’s still unquestionably Futurama. Which means it’s one of the best shows on TV.


“I’ll go get some toilet coffee, toilet cake, and Safeway ice cream.”


Not a bad season finale. One thing I caught from the end of last week’s that I missed the first time around: when they’re looking for Fry, Bender opens the door he’s in and goes, “Is this him?” Throwaway lines like that are why I love this show so much.


I may have mentioned this before, but I also love all the individual responses every time they do an “omni” response. They’re usually all character specific, and they usually range from enthusiastic to noncommital. It’s a little touch that always entertains me.


A what?


Assuming you weren’t just taking the opportunity to make a little joke, I just mean when everybody talks at once, its usually used for everybody agreeing to do something at the end of a scene.

I’ve always called them omni’s, although I guess it isn’t an official term.


My favourite in this episode was
Fry: “Did you guys know that I had a crush on Leela for years?” - getting slapped by the professor


It was nice, but you’d think they would come up with something more special for the 100th episode.


Both. Throwing out personal jargon with no explanation is rarely a good idea. Plus “omni” is just Latin for “all”, so… meh.

That being said, this episode… meh. At least Futurama is being consistently inconsistent with its treatment of mutants. First they supposedly don’t even exist, then they do exist and everybody knows about them, and now they run all the sewer systems too. Sigh.

Highlights: Gyroscopically stable Bender and Zoidberg Poppins.


You didn’t like Bender’s party? It had hooker-bots, Robot 1-X and Roberto!


Seriously, say “meh” one more time. I double dog dare you.


Total Futurama newb here. Question: I saw an episode where nearly everybody turned out to be a clone and Bender had some type of problem where he couldn’t stop partying 24.7 or he’d blow up. We had some very good laughs, so my question, finally, is: Are all Futuramas this funny?


Gee, it’s almost like I did that on purpose.


And what point does that make? Was it supposed to be funny?