That was a thoroughly average episode, meaning there are many that are even funnier. Watch Roswell That Ends Well.


Yeah, most are much funnier.


Ok, was watching the marathon -- how the hell did I miss "Lethal Inspection" the first time around?! What a great episode -- I'd put it at number two behind the "Late Philip J. Fry" and just ahead of "Prisoner of Benda". What a funny -- and touching -- episode.


"You want me to do this to help this thin reptile?" (I'm probably misquoting) just slayed me.


Just caught up on the last few episodes. I love the part in Prisoner of Benda where Hermes is shocked to see how fat Leela Amy is and Amy responds "I don't know what to do! Should I eat more butter?"

I think that's my favorite proposed solution to a problem ever. I am totally going to start saying that whenever I'm not sure what to do.


New episode tonight.


Good to know. My TiVo was way ahead of me, but unfortunately it was recording the Futurama episode first, and then the repeat of the Walking Dead episode, so I turned the order around.


"Die young, leave a pretty corpse, that's what I always say."
"You should say something else."

The Kwanzaa one was the best.


I only just noticed that as of last month Futurama has been picked up for another 26 episode season expected to air in 2012 and 2013. This is in addition to the 13 episodes Comedy Central plans to air starting in June.



Good news, everybody!

But seriously, I'm very glad to hear it.


Excellent. Thanks for the info.


New episodes starting soon. It's kinda weird how they do their seasons but I'll take it.


Good news every.... eh it's still like 3 weeks away.


One more day!

Although, this "review" makes me sad. See if you can guess why.


Apparently he missed the more recent episodes.


Good lord. I kind of hope the the producers of Futurama see that. They always complained about how Fox under-promoted them, and nobody knew they were even on. Now, Comedy Central actually promotes them, and people still apparently manage to miss an entire season.


I certainly don't feel confident that I've seen all the episodes from the new season.

These new episodes will technically be the "rest" of Season 6 that started airing in 2010, right?

The last episode I remember seeing was the one where Fry and the Professor go forward in time. Or maybe the episode where Leela leads a mutant revolt.


If you need to catch up and you've got a Netflix subscription they're all available for streaming.


That's some fine reviewing, Lou.


I love both of the new episodes. For me the show is doing what futurama is doing best - presenting a funny original science fiction story in 20 minutes.
I was convinced that the rock monsters in Neutopia were homages to the rock trolls in the magnificent German short Das Rad, but I suppose there's only so many ways to show a rock monster and you get too short a look at the second one to be sure.

For reference - Das Rad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT13GuPZHMA&feature=youtube_gdata_player