Future Guitar Hero / Rock Band buying strategy

This should be simple. Have a PS2, Guitar Hero 1 and 2 and 2 guitars. 80’s edition for PS2, no brainer purchase.

GH3 coming out for PS2, PS3, Wii and Titanic360. Cheapest option still PS2 version since I’ve got the gear already. I’d like to get the 10 tracks that were added for the 360 version but how?

Rock Band announced only for next gen. The guitar looks awesome, the drums sound cool and I’ve got a wannabe vocalist around… This one would make me buy a new console. Problem is… PS3 price and Yugo-like reliability of the 360. Wii version? Not sure. PS2? Only two controllers… and hasn’t been announced.

And… if the Rock Band guitar is as cool as it looks and works well, would it work with Guitar Hero III or even II on the 360?

When Rock Band comes out I’ve got an expensive decision to make… anybody got any inside info? Speculation?

Rock Band guitar will almost certainly work with GH2 on the Xbox 360, but it’s not clear what Activision might do with effects pedals or other things that would make GH3 incompatible with the Rock Band guitar.

I’m going all out on Rockband. 2 guitars, mic and drumset.

I’m going to be so broke this winter. So many must-buy games coming, plus $10 next-gen-extra for each title… ugh.

Buying the full Rock Band 360 set at release; wait for reviews on GHIII.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to use the Rock Band Stratocaster with my 360 GHII, as I expect that to have much better buttons than the X-Plorer.

Will probably get full Rock Band, GHIII (360) w/ Guitar and end up using those guitars for the games. Not sure what I’ll do with my two X-Plorers.

I’m planning to get the Rock Band package with guitar, drums, and mic, and then look for an X-Plorer on the cheap – from the hordes of people abandoning Guitar Hero for Rock Band – to use as the bass.

GH3 on 360 for me. Wait and see on Rock Band. Half the fun of the games is playing with people who’ve never tried it, or play it casually. I’ll wait to see if Rock Band has the same pick up and play ease of use, or if the wacky, slightly more complicated controllers (and in theory controls) turn people off to it.

Here’s something I need an answer to: If I were to get Guitar Hero III for PS3, would the guitar work on the PS2 versions of Guitar Hero while played on the PS3? Would the PS3 Rock Band guitar work on the PS2 versions of Guitar Hero as played on PS3? Confusing? Yeah, sometimes. Journalists, get on this now!!

I’m going to use the guitar from the PS2 version of Guitar Hero, the bongo’s from Donky Konga, the mic from Singstar, the maracas from Samba De Amigo, the mech controller from Steel Battalion, the 360 racing wheel, the fishing controller from Sega Bass Fishing, the ps1 NeoCon, and a ps2 GunCon.

Ha ha! Hey, I’m trying to simplify my living room/den setup not make it infinitely worse!

Probably Rock Band for me, my sister and my brother. We live in three states and are desperate for three-player online co-op games. This is one of very few games that fits that bill, and we’re all big guitar hero fans. We might fight over who gets to play bass.

Activision is being very tight lipped. While Harmonix is going out of their way to say “Yes! We support the X-Plorer for Rock Band 360,” Activision refuses to say anything other than “Yes, the X-Plorer will work on GHIII.” I don’t even think they announced that the new controller will work on GHII (though that’s more or less expected).