Future Man on Hulu: clever sci-fi comedy romp


This is a lot of pretty mindless fun–just released last week or something. Definitely rated M though.
Included are allusions to a ton of pop culture, including the LotR films:


It’s over the top ridiculous at times, but I will admit to laughing a lot while watching the first 4 episodes. I like how self-aware it is, with the lead making reference to the pop cultural links as he recognizes them.


Watched the first couple of episodes last night. It’s funny enough that I’ll probably watch the rest eventually, though it’s definitely not something for the easily-offended.


I went ahead and finished this out, it’s only 13 episodes and they’re short. I had a good time with it, though it’s uneven. There are some pretty dry stretches that didn’t do a lot for me, but generally that doesn’t last long. And there are some really funny bits, as long as you don’t mind that the humor is very much NSFW. If they continue it, I’ll be willing to see where they’re going.


I just watched the first two episodes last night, really fun, but yeah, uneven. Wanna watch more though.


Halfway-through. Good show. It’s silly and it’s meant to be.


Finally finished this and I think it ended strong. The humour worked for me, and I liked all the actors. I especially dug Wolf’s time in the 90s.I hope they get a second season!