Future Man on Hulu: clever sci-fi comedy romp

This is a lot of pretty mindless fun–just released last week or something. Definitely rated M though.
Included are allusions to a ton of pop culture, including the LotR films:

It’s over the top ridiculous at times, but I will admit to laughing a lot while watching the first 4 episodes. I like how self-aware it is, with the lead making reference to the pop cultural links as he recognizes them.

Watched the first couple of episodes last night. It’s funny enough that I’ll probably watch the rest eventually, though it’s definitely not something for the easily-offended.

I went ahead and finished this out, it’s only 13 episodes and they’re short. I had a good time with it, though it’s uneven. There are some pretty dry stretches that didn’t do a lot for me, but generally that doesn’t last long. And there are some really funny bits, as long as you don’t mind that the humor is very much NSFW. If they continue it, I’ll be willing to see where they’re going.

I just watched the first two episodes last night, really fun, but yeah, uneven. Wanna watch more though.

Halfway-through. Good show. It’s silly and it’s meant to be.

Finally finished this and I think it ended strong. The humour worked for me, and I liked all the actors. I especially dug Wolf’s time in the 90s.I hope they get a second season!

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I started watching Futureman on Hulu thanks to this article on Ars Technica4, and it does not disappoint. Think the Last Starfighter & Terminator with a (small) dose of reality thrown just to realize the absurdity. Would a video game trained pilot be able to transform into an ace star fighter? Of course not and the show runs with that to great effect. Also, nobody plays an FPS with a flight stick for christ sakes. But whatever, it gets almost everything else right.

It is certainly crude, but absolutely hilarious if you don’t get hung up on that. Wolf is, I am sure, my favorite character of the decade so far.

The show runners love the comedic setup, where everything builds to an explosion of hilarity. While it doesn’t quite reach the comedic heights of the best genre examples it surpasses them in getting to the pinnacle, just being consistently strong throughout.

Still 3-4 episodes to go but I am disappointed that QT3 didn’t already tell me about this show. [ok they did, I just missed it]

Often someone says “I do not understand why they didn’t cut out 20 hours and keep all the good bits, it was too long” and that seems to appear in many threads here, for shows I watch. I shake my head and think how I appreciated it all, and that it’s just as well those people aren’t deciding that we all get short attention edited versions of everything we watch.

So I can’t say… I do not understand why they didn’t cut out 20 hours and keep all the good bits, it was too long. To me this dragged out in a lot of places. But I’d rather have it the way it was, than not at all. It was well done. Also, fuck Seth Rogen.

Was Seth Rogen implicated in sexual harassment stuff or something, or is he just generally objectionable?

Personal dislike of him, and an implicit prejudgement of anything his name is on. I do not follow the news these days, so pay no attention to the American sexual harassment drama going on.

I wasn’t sure I liked this three episodes in, but … if you keep at it, they take Wolf to the brink of insanity and beyond. So … so far, far beyond. I wish Wolf was my dad.

The running Corey Hart gag and Truffledome were epic. Honestly it’s worth watching just for the James Cameron episode, too.

The wife and I binged it this weekend. We both really enjoyed it. I loved the characters and think the actors did a great job selling it and overall it just seemed shot and directed really well. Wolf and Tiger were so cool, it was awesome how “Video Game” they were when fighting, yelling out move names and combos. It just all fit together really well.

I loved the game store banter and the names drops it was so spot on until the goddamn joystick…jeebus that belongs in the “I hate this Guy Thread”

Glad to see it got picked up for a season 2

Yeah, the James Cameron episode was fantastic.

this show is so fkn funny… i was laughing my ass off… “Beat these eggs for me”

I’ve recommended this show to many people. It was willing to pursue its own absurdity to a degree most shows could not … would not… should not.

Thanks for the recommendation guys. 7 episodes in now (5 minutes left in the James Cameron episode, but the TV is occupied, so I’ll have to watch those last 5 minutes some other time), and it’s so good.

Season 2! Didn’t even realize it was coming until I saw that it releases today. Another thing to throw on my backlog of TV to watch…

Nuts! I won’t be able to watch it for at least a week.

Yay, thanks for the heads-up!! Here’s hoping the second season’s as good as the first.