Future Man on Hulu: clever sci-fi comedy romp


My friend whose name is prominently in the (production) credits tells me that its very good, and we should all subscribe to Hulu to watch it :)

(he tells me if the shows he works on are crap - so I’m not just blowing smoke).


Well they don’t have to do much because I adored the first season. It gave me the same kind of joy I got from reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy as a twenty-something a million years ago.


I failed my save against comedy and watched the first couple of season 2 episodes, ignoring the other stuff sitting on my DVR and watch lists. Totally worth it, picks right up with the same craziness as the first season.


Yesss… this is going to be a good weekend.


Finished up season 2 today. Didn’t take long, just 13 half-hour episodes.

TL;DR - Watch this, as long as you’re not easily offended. It’s hilarious.

And let me just say that I think Future Man is hitting squarely the target that The Orville is missing right now. Future Man knows what it is - comedy in a sci-fi setting with pop culture references - and sticks to that formula. The Orville isn’t sure if it wants to be space opera with occasional jokes, or a suburban drama set on a spaceship. Stick to your formula, write good jokes, and good things happen.


I need someone much smarter than me.

I have a sneaking suspicion since it’s Seth Rogen it’s just some stoner thing and it’s not meant to make sense but…

Spoilers ALL:

I don’t understand the Joosh dupes in the corridor of death. I have the suspicion there should be 999999 Joshes appearing simultaneously in the brain room. J(0) creates a J(1) to J(99), J(1) itself also creates a bunch of dupes… and so on.


It made sense to me, but then, I was drinking during that episode. :)

Nah, think of it as there being “echo” Jooshes at 11-second intervals all the way down the corridor. Those are the ones that spent their 11 seconds running forward and hitting a time-jump. When the laser system kicks back in…zap to all those echoes that didn’t go elsewhere. The corridor you see is from one of the timelines in which they all chose to complete the mission.

But I think you’re right that there’s a whole lot more than what was shown in the corridor. Because in other parallel timelines, some or all of the Jooshes said “fuck this” and used their TTD to sod off into other times.


Ok so traditionally the multi universe thing is depicted as a branch to avoid having to explain killing-ur-self scenario.

So this guy is looping back, the only confusing bit between this and other time travels is that very short 10 second and the recursion.

I don’t understand why there aren’t ~5050 Joshes arriving more or less simultaneously to the control room. After all, each of the extra copies is also doing the 10 second trick. Albeit maybe they aren’t doing exactly 10 seconds but that’s just gonna give me another headache so I’ll just assume it’s 10 seconds.


Let’s just say up front that this is a pretty silly discussion to be having about this particular show. I’m fairly confident that the writers never thought this deeply about it. :) But I’m a nerd, you’re a nerd, let’s do this!

The only Joosh who ends up in the control room is the one in the timeline where every Joosh along the way chose to keep going. (I suppose there may be infinite timelines where that happened, but it’s just one Joosh per timeline.)

They never said exactly how long it took to run down the hall, did they? It was a long one, let’s call it 120 seconds. Using 10 seconds per timejump for easy math, that means there’s 12 Jooshes along the hall in a single timeline. One makes it to the end, the other 11 die in the hallway and thus the very hilarioussad hallway-of-dead-Joosh scene.

Meanwhile, in 11 parallel timelines, each of those 11 Jooshes gave up on this suicide run and fucked off to another time. Actually it’s more than that, each past the first spawns another bunch minus 1. So 11+10+9…ends up as 66 Jooshes flitting around the history in their respective timelines. But none of those 66 show up in the original timeline, in the control room or otherwise.


OK, the obvious shout-out to Law and Order at the beginning of “Homicide: Life on the Mons” was pretty awesome.


There’s one thing I need to understand, I feel they may be mish-mashing different models of time travel.

So I had the epiphany overnight that I had been thinking of this as a loop, which is not applicable. Every time he jumps there’s a fork. On one path, Josh goes 10 seconds back in Universe A. Universe B is the ‘original’ one which continues on without any Joshes, because they left.

Okay I’m good so far. But then why are there different Jooshes in this alternate universe? Why did they have to go to one where there’s also Jooshes running along? Comedic value? Or like you said they are different universes where the Jooshes are fucking around and got the counting wrong or whatever. I think I’m close, I will think on this a bit more. I still don’t see why in the other universes they are actually farther behind. Maybe that’s because Joosh can’t count to 10.


I’m sure you’re right about that. As I said earlier, I kinda doubt the writers thought all that deeply about this beyond “hey this would be pretty funny.” It’s what I’d have done!

My take is that they chose to show only the parallel universes where a bunch of Jooshes decided that they should keep going, thus making sure we’d see multiples. There are other universes where you wouldn’t see any Joosh because he decided not to go along, but what fun is that? The interesting shots come from universes where you get the “echo effect” of a whole lot of Joosh spaced out along the corridor and at least one of them is saying “hey, wait a minute…”


There’s a line that supports your interpretation:

The one where they mention how there’s many more dead Jooshes than the others, implying that somehow the others were smart enough to not die. Oh why did we follow Josh’s dumb plan, let’s just TTD somewhere else, and then they leave Josh behind.


HA! Major props to the writers of the episode entitled “El día de los robots,” and to the actors in the first scene. The Spanish was on point.


Yeah I cracked up at the accent. I’m a sucker for Peninsular accents thought. I would probably annoy the hell out of Spaniards by overemphasizing the S/Z sounds. Man I need a Spaniard friend.


Finally got around to watching the first season and I am hooked. Some really great running gags, everyone turns out excellent performances, and somehow it also managed to make me care about the characters and feel the weight of some of the decisions being made despite the fundamental goofiness of the show.

Hopefully I’ll get into season 2 over the weekend.


Started watching couple days back and yeah it is amazing. Cameron episode is just brilliant through and through. Give me back my dick you fucking cock pirate!