Futureman on Hulu


I started watching Futureman on Hulu thanks to this article on Ars Technica, and it does not disappoint. Think the Last Starfighter & Terminator with a (small) dose of reality thrown just to realize the absurdity. Would a video game trained pilot be able to transform into an ace star fighter? Of course not and the show runs with that to great effect. Also, nobody plays an FPS with a flight stick for christ sakes. But whatever, it gets almost everything else right.

It is certainly crude, but absolutely hilarious if you don’t get hung up on that. Wolf is, I am sure, my favorite character of the decade so far.

The show runners love the comedic setup, where everything builds to an explosion of hilarity. While it doesn’t quite reach the comedic heights of the best genre examples it surpasses them in getting to the pinnacle, just being consistently strong throughout.

Still 3-4 episodes to go but I am disappointed that QT3 didn’t already tell me about this show.




Haha, I was thinking it was one word instead of two and the search failed me (and I failed to even try two). Glad to see it was my failing and not QT3.


Well, on the plus side, your title is more accurate when compared to Josh’s actual last name.


That’s the exact reason I thought it was Futureman and not Future Man. Stupid Futturman making me look stupid!