Futurism (we are all going to the space singularity wahey!)


Didn’t see a thread for this, obviously this covers a range of topics of various plausibility so it will have some cross over with “woo” stuff and also the “whats happening in space” thread but all is welcome.

“My first futurism” website.

Your starter youtube channel

Feel free to drop in new stuff or rant against stuff you think its nonsense.

My interest is primarily in near term human history and how (if at all) space travel will alter our societies and human behaviour over time.

One of the topics that causes, like, actual arguments between me and my wife is whether or not I’m going to get robot parts to eventually replace my body if the technology gets there in my lifetime.

Yeah mine is the arguments I get into around human like AI with folks (I am a skeptic) :) Its all fun though.

You know I am as well…

Will it be visually stunning?

This happens a lot when you talk with programmers, doesn’t it? It’s the same for me (although awed by what AI can do nowadays, also very skeptic of strong AI) :)

It’s been suggested to me that software programming will get automated eventually (rather soon-ish, actually) and those IT jobs will dry up. Not sure whether to believe this.

As with most things, good luck doing that without a conscient being. One that must reason with the client to understand what he needs from (usually vaguely) what he wants, taking into account what is possible and how long it wants. One must then translate it into an understandable code version that is stable, maintainable and upgradable in ways that are learned through practice.
On the other hand, humans aren’t great either :)

One thing I’ve been saying my whole life that I’ll stand by is that the second they can put a jack on my head that connects me to a computer I’m signing up for the surgery. The older I get the more true it gets, too. :D

Not really what you’re asking about, but I have a complicated relationship with the Italian futurists and vorticists. On a purely aesthetic level, I love them. The style is like the good bits of cubism mixed with a dash of art deco, all with a fantastic kinetic quality. But, you know, they’re also a fascist death cult.

Hah I am the same! Love much of their work, could do without the sexism/ fascist associations etc.