FYI Facebook Whatsapp Instagram are down

It is beautiful, really.

Can we do this again tomorrow? And the next day? Maybe have Facebook be down… FOREVER.

Thoughts and prayers.

Tots and pears.

Bots and warez?

I can’t help but think about the dichotomy. Here we’re making jokes and sipping schadenfreude tea, while all over the world people are freaking out.

I need WhatsApp for work-related stuff, but the rest can crash and burn. :D

Of course, if people migrate to something else like Telegram or Signal… then WhatsApp can burn too, though I have a soft spot for it being based in Erlang and all. From a technical standpoint, it’s a really impressive achievement. Too bad it serves such a terrible company.

May it be symptomatic of some horrible, unfixable systemic problem from which there is no recovery.


Maybe this is like the end of Escape From L.A. or The World’s End, and we just don’t realize it yet.

If more people stayed on Signal the last time Whatsapp was being obnoxious I would have been entirely fine with it.

FB Messenger is how I talk to my friends and family, so that’s a pinch. Fortunately I don’t use FB authentication to access TOO many websites.

And I’m not one of these poor unfortunates…

Yep it’s amazing they’re still down. Huge fuck up.

Could be worse. Imagine having to return the real world, that would be horrifying.

Laughing in Vive. :)

(EDIT: Looks like bloomberg doesn’t want to autorender so I’ll do that)

Heh, yeah I hear you. Since most of my work team is located in India, What’s App is the ‘unofficial’ channel for work stuff that doesn’t go through the client network. i.e. they need to discuss something, but it would be inappropriate to discuss over the client team apps.

The stock market is a joke though, for real.

Yeah, it’s only fake money that he’s lost. It’s not like it is permanently lost at the bottom of the Atlantic or something.

This is absolutely shocking. Someone or ones have fucked up in a spectacular way to cause this.

All the people in MLMs can’t post to Facebook to sell their crap.

Okay. This isn’t funny anymore!