G.I. Joe v. The Perfect Getaway...FIGHT!

Because of kids/work/time, the Last movies I saw at the theaters were Up and Star Trek. Today, I am purring my foot down and sneaking off as I do about 3 or 4 times a year regardless of how much stuff I have to do.

I was going to include Transformers as I still wanted to see that, but I think I already have the general consensus of suck that can be found here and elsewhwere.

So, it is G.I. Joe, which I still think looks like good, SUmmer candy, but is already being rubber stamped with the suck label due to lack of screenings and Hasbro (I think).

And then there is Timothy Olyphant in The Perfect Getaway. I like to look at Mila and Steve Zahn has been likeable in everything I have seen him in. The reviews are in between, but agree it is enjoyable, but the twist and plot devices may cheat a bit for the BOOs!

I know. IT is almost worth just skipping the whole thing and waiting for District 9 next week. However, I am going to attempt the heretofor unthinkable and do a repeat performance next week.


I’m going to try to hit up GI Joe myself. Something about The Perfect Getaway left me feeling like I had seen a lot of things like that before.

With GI Joe, how often are you going to see Sienna Miller and a leather bodysuit?

Excellent point.


2 for GI Joe
1 for wait

Looks like my decision is made. Wait, I have not voted. What if there is a tie? I should increase my sample size to 5.

As much as you want, and potentially on repeat, once the clips saturate the net.

Hold out for 9 - then see it twice. Even if it turns out not so great, at least it is different, which really ought to count double.

WTF happened here? Did a bunch of qt3ers get into jpinard’s and quatoria’s stash?

ElGuapo is totally baiting you guys out, by the way.

We’re catching GI Joe tomorrow morning at 10:45 so it’s matinee, cheap showing.

Perfect Getaway looks like a good rental.

I save comedies for rental usually.

I am definitely doing a matinee today.

Hopefully a LOT more frequently. [To say nothing of Rachel Nichols.] But really if that’s all you’re after, Google Image Search is your friend.

I voted for D9 because if you’re going to use one of your precious annual Get Out of Jail Free cards, it might as well be for the movie which is good. But I confess I found Sommers’s past films to be stupid popcorn fun and GI Joe looks to be MotS.


If we don’t vote with our dollars, how can we make sure we don’t get more Sienna Miller in leather body suits?

This morning, I had convinced myself to go see The Olyphant Show, but glass shattering and CG fight scenes is now sounding good. Something always pops upp with work…if I hesitate in my moviegoing, I may see nothing. Debatable as to how much of a loss that will be this week.

I am calling an audible and changing option #3:

“Resub to WoW and see District 9 next week (and hope I can go home and play for 4 hours straight while the kids and wife operate around me and wait on me hand and foot so I do not have to get up including bringing me an empty milk jug and emptying it when necessary)”.

A milk job?

… Is that as hot as I think it sounds?

haha, let me edit that to jug before someone gets the wrong idea…too late.

Perfect Getaway because it’s been too long since I’ve seen a movie with Mila in it. Plus, I’m an old school GI Joe action figure fan, not the 80s shrunken version, so that movie holds no appeal to me.

I, for one, try not to let my adolescent toy concerns weigh to heavily on my adult movie decisions… but I hear ya. ;)

It pains me to to say this, but that’s like arguing we should’ve voted for McCain to get a GILF VP in the White House.

Sometimes the price of admission is too high.

In that case might I suggest…

Fuck yeah.

If they did, they’d be sleeping or dead, not recommending bad movies. At least, I don’t THINK I’ve got anything that works that way. Hmmm…


I wound up enjoying it, not as bad as it looked like it was going to be, though the Star Wars vibe of the end sequence was uninspired. However, Sienna Miller in Black Leather is extremely inspiring and I thought the direction they took for her character was interesting. For the record, not a fan of the 80s show, am a fan of the Marvel comic when written by Larry Hama.

Mindless summer movie for sure but enjoyable for the most part.