G1 Light Gun for ANY TV

$50 at Fry’s

  • Tested on a regular CRT. I bought this in anticipation of a near future HDTV purchase.
  • Works with all the new TV’s like LCD, plasma, projection, etc.
  • wireless. uses 2xAA
  • works with ps2 and xbox. I tried house of the dead III and time crisis 3.
  • it’s a bit long but pretty light and well balanced. Unusual sight hole but works ok.
  • You have to stand at least 5 ft from the TV otherwise you won’t be in the visible cone projected by the little ball eye.
  • it uses it’s own software independent calibration process so there is no need to do the in game one. There is button to bypass the guncon calibration screen. What also works well is just leave it unplugged until you get to the title screen, then plug in the G1 ball.
  • accuracy is acceptable but not near as good as a guncon 2.
  • Overall the gun works pretty well. I still prefer the feel of the guncon 2 but this isn’t a bad gun at all, and it is about the only choice if you have a HDTV.

In other words, it works just like the Revolution controller?

The design is ugly and imbalanced, but I’ve seen worse, I guess.