G4 to have a HUGE annoucement tonight at 7:20 pm

G4 is hyping they have a huge annoucement during Attack of the Show. Some are hoping that certain G4 exes are going to be marched out back and shot for killing Tech TV, bringing back old tech TV shows or that Sony is going to annouce a $400 ps3. It seems much more likely that they are just over hyping G4 going HD. (given the annoucement comes at 720p)

What would be huge about the 400$ PS3 ? I mean come on, stop with the billions price cuts and SKUs and bundles, and chose your marketing strategy already.

The time of the announcement makes it pretty obvious.

Free HDTVs in every home?

That’s actually a bit clever. As long as you’re in the right time zone.

Folks on both coasts like to pretend theirs is the only time zone ;)

Really it’s at 4:20 PT which means something else entirely. If you look at this announcement page, it’s even tagged with 420-Amsterdam.

What’s with the revolving hosts on Attack of the Show lately? Although I like some of the eye candy, they need to stick with what works. Kevin and Olivia play off each other well in dialog, it’s part of the shows attraction. Throwing others in the mix means most of the dialog and banter falls flat for me.

I thought Olivia’s cleavage was the show’s attraction?

So, what was it?

Absolutely nothing. Turns out they weren’t allowed to announce the announcement yet.

(I got this info from NeoGAF. I don’t watch this shitty network.)

I know it makes me a bad person, but I find that hilarious.

/me high fives Cat Master.

It is effing hilarious.

I find it a combination of funny and disapointing. Did they announce anything about it on friday’s show?

Maybe the entire cast is participating on Ninja Warrior!!! That would make me laugh, … I think.

Technically, her “rack”, which really isn’t that impressive. It’s be more interesting if it was the other girl’s rack.

I noticed when they were at the Tokyo Game Show, they made the other girl’s eyes more slanty with make-up.

What Olivia is missing in front, she more than makes up for in her attitude and personality. She’s clearly a highlight of the show.

“The other girl” would probably be Layla Kayleigh, who does have an impressive rack but is distinctly less capable than Olivia of hosting.

No word on the “secret”?

I think it was annoucing Spaceballs cartoon series.

Layla is the oddest looking woman I’ve ever seen. As a result, I find her quite attractive…but that’s just how I am.