G4: We Get Guys

So, it’s a gay lifestyle channel now? http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/g4/g4-continues-to-lose-game-cred-168734.php

At some point people are going to have to accept/notice that the slogan simply isn’t “TV 4 Gamers” anymore. I don’t know why this is so shocking to everyone. If a videogame TV station was so important to so many people, they should have watched Portal more often or something.

So it’s our fault you suck?

I’m not usually down on these guys… But… huh?

Spike’s there already. Give it up. I didn’t much care for the Screensavers, but I don’t particularly want to see the Screensavers as done by SpikeTV.

Fascinating interpretation, but my thrust was more towards the fact that all people did was bitch about the videogame programming, and now they’re bitching about the fact that it’s gone. Pick a lane.

I don’t know, I never saw much G4, but maybe it was a quality issue to start with? It’s possible that a tech/gaming channel with the right mix might be able to survive.

Or maybe industries in the 21st century could get over the “constant growth” fixation and work to find profitable was to fill niches instead of shooting for the moon.

That niche isn’t profitable (at least, not provably so under the current method of divining viewership), in my opinion primarily because a network dedicated solely to videogames is in direct competition with the source of its own content. There’s still game-related programming on the channel, just not all day long.

So, basically you guys are going to be SpikeTV with some extra videogame shows? Not being sarcastic, I just can’t see how that’s going to fair any better.

So what was the point of them buying out TechTV then?..

… to get the people that watch TechTV to have to watch them instead…

If these shows are so awesome, why can’t I download them?

This is the absolute truth.

I always wondered about that myself. A lot of times I’ll stop X-play just to, you know, actually play something instead. It’s a real interesting conflict.

only if that said “G4: we get guys. In the ass.” could it be less oriented with a heterosexual male lifestyle.

Yes, that’s why the Food Network and HGTV are such dismal failures, too. People are always too busy cooking and working on their house to watch.

I can see both your points, but to be fair, I do think they are not quite the same thing.

I can choose between spending my time playing a video game OR watching a show about playing a video game.

I can not choose between watching a show about food or eating food. I must eat food to live, so it is always included. A show about food might be entertainment or educational. Also when I am eating food, such as dinner I can watch a show about on how to cook food, so my next meal might be better.

I can not watch a show about playing a video game, while I am playing a video game. I can watch a show about cooking food while cooking food or eating food.

I can see both your points, but to be fair, I do think they are not quite the same thing.

I can choose between spending my time playing a video game OR watching a show about playing a video game, but I can not do both at the same time.

I can cook food, or eat food, while watching a show about food.

Video games are active entertainment.
Books are active entertainment.
Watching TV is passive.
Cooking and Eating is passive.

Active entertainment require 100% of your attention, passive do not. Sure you can put a book down or pause a video game, but you can’t do either of these activities as the same time you do another mental activity.

Oh, come oooooooon. You people who think G4 can survive as a small cable channel by sticking to videogames and tech news all the time, get with the program.

What demographic are they catering to? Right now they have:

  • Videogame shows
  • More videogame shows
  • Live coverage of videogame events (360 launch, for instance)
  • Star Trek, Star Trek, and more Star Trek
  • The Man Show
  • Banzai

This is the socially awkward geek network, guys. As evidence by all the awkward hysterical babbling about Morgan Webb recently. It is fitting its niche perfectly, imho.

I wouldn’t be suprised if they got the rights to Babylon 5, maybe Futurama, movies like Sneakers, Hackers, and The Matrix. It’s all in the same demographic/target audience.

The thing is, though - there’s already a Spike TV. And they do the Spike TV schtick a hell of a lot better. And are carried by the same networks. So if that’s your bag, why would you watch a ripoff of Spike TV… instead of Spike TV? And is Spike TV really burning up the ratings? Aren’t they low rent basic cable… just like G4? Ah well. I don’t really give a fuck what happens to G4, so long as Xplay lands in a safe home when the network implodes.