G4tv canceled

anyone know what happened to the people working on it? I liked this one, sorry to see it go. It was refreshing to see interviews with game makers. Went g4’s site and coldn’t find any information. The forums were full of posts from people who were just worried their forum might be closed. Thought that was a little odd, ok to cancel the show, but please leave the shows forum alive.

Every forum eventually becomes less about the site or show that it started for and more about the community of people that post there. The more people and less real life commitments they have, the faster this occurs.

Arise! G4TV was never canceled, so in your face old thread!

However, Adam Sessler has left the building.

Television personality Adam Sessler and TV network G4 are parting ways, with Adam’s last episode as host of G4’s “X-Play” airing on the network today, Wednesday, April 25. Adam has been hosting the show since it first aired as ZDTV’s “Gamespot TV” in July 1998 and he also served as Editor In Chief of games content at G4. His current projects include starring as himself in the Summer 2012 movie “noobz” and consulting with a film production company on theatrical feature adaptations of video games. Adam intends to stay in front of the camera and continue as a key voice within the games industry. He also sings and is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

The rumor is that the parting was not actually friendly and had something to do with contract disputes.

He found out he was getting as much play from the ladies of G4 as Kevin Periera from Kevin’s recent AMA on reddit and threw a fit.

Such a cushy job. They must have really dicked him over.

I suspect they thought he was too old for their target demographic. He was the only reason I watched “X-play” because I could tell he really did enjoy the games he was reviewing. I cancelled my “season pass” for X-play.

“Attack of the Show” is the only reason I can see to watch G4 now but I bet they youth-wash that show too.

This is a huge bummer. He is such a good guy.

How could AotS possibly be further compromised? It’s embarrassing pandering trash.

I agree that I only watched X-play for Adam, he does seem to genuinely play games.

As for Attack of the Show, I only watch that for Sara Underwood, which is to say she is easy to look at, but not something I tune it for on purpose. Mostly that show is annoying, with an occasional cool guest one a month or so. It is already a youth show, that is filled with a couple variations of top ten youtube crap of the day, that I could…ya know, watch on youtube.

ATOS is only good for the occasional movie or comic book review, that I’d rather see a whole show about, rather than filler of web found stupid stunts, that most people already had forwarded to them in “watch this” emails.

It’s the laziest most embarrassing show ever. The entire thing consists of links ripped off fark presented by some poor girl in a tiny miniskirt and hooker heels.

Oh, she was a Playboy Playmate.

I actually like Kevin Pereira. I think he’s smart and naturally funny. His interviews are some of the best I’ve seen. I hope he leaves before he gets too old!

Well, I look forward to seeing what Adam Sessler does next. I have a ton of respect for him and the work he did at G4. I was really sad when he stopped doing Feedback a little while ago. Back when it was him, Patrick Klepek, Abbie Heppe and Matt Keil most weeks, it was my favorite podcast.

I guess you answered my “how could the show be further compromised” question.

Adam Sessler’s final moments on G4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M59ioRbZ5yo

He was also the only reason I checked out G4 occasionally, came across like a down to earth guy and had a great sense of humor.

AOTS was better when they had Olivia Munn on it. In addition to being hot, I found her a lot more entertaining than the current random chick.

Whatsherface just seems totally out of place on that show. She always seems uncomfortable and confused about what is going on, whereas Olivia and Kevin had a pretty good chemistry.

Too bad she thought she could move on to “bigger things”, all of which have been canceled I think. It reminds me of Craig Killborn when he left the Daily Show.

She’s going to be a regular on HBO’s Newsroom. I have no idea if that will do well, but it’s going to be pretty high-profile.

She was awful on “The Daily Show” and I’m a huge fan of hers. She seems to do better in less-scripted shows.

But I still stand by my bromance for Pereira! I’m not sure why he’s wasting his time on G4.

Ya, the daily show didn’t seem to know how to use her in a funny way. It was just weirdly scripted crap that seemed forced.

But we know she can be funny, like when she was dancing all sexy with the salmon.