Gag gift idea

Anyone have ideas for a gag sort of birthday present for a guy who’s turning 46 and is (somewhat, not so bad that it’s not ok to give him grief over it) stressing over getting older? We’re friendly but not close enough that I really know what he’s into, so I figure something like this would be a better bet than trying to guess something he would genuinely keep or use.

a Dildo.

A big, black, rubbery dildo. Really big.

Just get him socks. Plain black socks. At age 46, he probably needs new ones.


A PS3 controller.

So wait… you know him well enough to know he’s not feeling good about getting older, but not well enough to know what kind of gift he would like, so you want to give him a gag gift? Sounds like a recipe for AWKWARD. Just buy him some scotch.

A box of Geritol.

Yeah you’re probably right.

or a nose hair trimmer. They laugh, but later on, they start using it.

A coffin illusion.

If a guy hasn’t trimmed his nose hairs until he’s 46, there’s a problem. The inner-ear is what needs to be trimmed once you hit 40.


*courtesy of Mr. Whitta.

Ok, how about a back-hair trimmer*. Unless he’s extra hairy he might be able to get away with neglecting his back hair until then!

  • I completely made this up. If a back hair trimmer exists, I do not want to know about it.

Kidding me? A few tabs of Viagra and a stripper.

A coffee tabel book about tractors.

home blood pressure kit box. and inside, nice booze. use the blood pressure kit on yourself.

Don’t click here.

It’s a trap!

  • Alan

That would so cut your back to ribbons.

A black birthday cake that says “Over the Hill” in big letters and a bottle of his favorite liquor. Simple. You can’t fuck it up, he’ll laugh, eat the cake, drink the booze and the next day he’ll be fine about getting older.