Gah! Dell Strikes Again!

Okay… I got a free Dell computer from my Internet provider for upgrading my DSL.

Well, now its going kaputz. Everytime I sign in on my account (One of 2 administrator accounts), it brings up a Blue screen, and its reason for wanting to shut down my computer is:

ISQRL(or something like that)_Not_Less_Or_Equal

Any help? i’m running it in safe mode, and it seems to do fine for its more used apps (AIM and Firefox), but we have a Starcraft match tonight, and I’d like to be able to know if I can run it effectively over Hamachi and TeamSpeak…

BSODs on WinXP are almost always drivers or faulty hardware and that error message specifically points to one of those two problems.

That’s definitely a driver message. You can try booting to Safe Mode (hit F8 at the Dell screen when you turn on the machine) and doing a system restore. If you know what caused the problem, don’t install it again, and if you don’t, just pay attention to what is installed on the machine so you know where the problem came from if it happens again.

The problem is, is that I don’t know WHAT caused it. And its just all of a sudden. I haven’t installed anything recently, software wise (Besides Command and Conquer Generals), and I’ve been using it almost the same way since I bought it…

And its not like I even look at much pr0n on it! Its confusing!

So… System Restore… Damn. Hoping it wouldn’t come to that, as I have too much saved on it… Shitfuck…

Before I went the System Restore route, I’d try to eliminate some hardware issues. If you have two sticks of RAM, boot with one, then the other by itself. If you can get to the desktop, run Prime95 and see if you get rounding errors or the BSOD.

If you have a videocard and a spare, remove it and install the other. See if it continues. If you have a sound card, remove it and try on-board sound.

Whoa, whoa.

I’m not talking about PC Restore (which is what Dell calls their re-imaging software – it’s really Norton Ghost). I’m talking about Windows System Restore. The thing that lets you turn back the clock by a couple of days. You can run that from Safe Mode and you shouldn’t lose any files.

Allright… I wish I knew more about computer.

System Restore doesn’t delete data files; just any programs/drivers installed since the date you restore to. Documents/pictures/porn are all unharmed.