Gaiman: Absolute Sandman on the way

He mostly talks about his upcoming work on Marvel’s Eternals, but near the end he drops this most welcome bomb:

I will give you one thing… I haven’t been told not to say, so I will give you something that is technically an exclusive, which is the last thing I heard that they are definitely doing is an Absolute Sandman. Because frankly, the first twenty odd issues of Sandman (in particular, but there’s more running through) were colored for a process that hasn’t been used for twenty years on that old paper stock. And now the paper stock is amazing, the print process is amazing and we’re still using the colors which look worse and worse with every printing. That’s not satisfactory. We’ve always known we needed to recolor the first two graphic novels and maybe the first couple issues of Dream Country. Steve Oliff took over on Sandman 19 and 20 and made it beautiful but at that point it was a computerized process. We’ve always wanted to recolor those and that I think, is incentive enough. The question is how are we going to do it and what will the Absolute Sandman be? For example, I don’t know whether the physical mechanics of book production will actually allow for a two thousand page book. A complete Sandman book would probably look like something encyclopedia sized. On the other hand, it would be a really cool object. And you could kill somebody if you hit them with it.

If the other Absolute books are any indication, this will be a must-buy for every Sandman fan. I hope they put it all in one big backbreaking volume styled like Destiny’s book. Complete with handcuff chain.

It sounds interesting, but it’s important that it can live on a bookshelf.

I’ve still never purchased the Sandman series as graphic novels, promising to do it only once I’ve sold my complete run of the series, which is becoming worth less and less with every passing day.

It’s sad really, because I want to read the series again, and I can’t bear to do it by peeling open bags and pulling out the comics one by one. That experience has become pretty unenjoyable for me on a number of levels.

I guess I’ll wait for this, then dive back in. It would be nice to see some recoloring done on the first few issues. That early Dringenberg stuff could use a little love, in my opinion.

Yeah, no kidding. I’ve been buying a TPB for my various favorite runs (mostly Vertigo and Marvel Ultimates/MAX) of stuff. Like, I really don’t want to pop open every flippin’ bag in order to re-read Hellblazer, Preacher or Transmet.

You shouldn’t have sold your regular Sandman issues, though. God, that lettercolumn was the fucking funniest ever.

I guess I’ll wait for this, then dive back in. It would be nice to see some recoloring done on the first few issues. That early Dringenberg stuff could use a little love, in my opinion.

A lot, IMO. It really is crappy.

I am so totally all over this. I have them all in TPB, but if they rerelease it nicely bound in a smaller number of volumes (it’s gotta be more than one, though), I would buy that. Between that and this new Absolute Watchmen, it’s a great time to reread some classics.

I’ve still got 'em. I wouldn’t even imagine rereading the letter column. Who was in charge of them?

The various editor’s usually ran the letter column. I don’t have my copies on hand but I think Alisa Kwitney and Stuart Moore chose the letters for the majority of the series.

As for the Absolute editions, I hope they are worth it. I’m not wild about the price tag they are putting on Crisis on Infinite Earths and Watchmen but I’m sure I’ll pick them up. I own all the collections in hardback plus the first 3 in trade paperback form with the slipcase. I was one of the lucky ones, I got onboard with the first issue.