Gain a new appreciation for France, The Dirty Old Man Way

Heal any ill will you may feel for French politics with a gander at this gyratacular performance of a catchy tune by Alizee’, France’s nonviolent answer to Britney Spears. Guaranteed to have you brushing up on your French pick-up lines.

Warning: 86MB MPEG video, so it’s a bit of a download. (Right click and save target to download before playing.) But it’s worth it, baby…

I already appreciate France solely for Virginie Ledoyen, Sophie Marceau, and Laetitia Casta.

Sorry, I stopped dating 12 year olds when I was ten.

And here I thought you adopted the Cookiepants monicker to convince the wee ones to unzip your slacks in search of treats.

She’s eighteen. Born in 1984.

She reminds me of a classmate of mine from my years in Turkish middle-school. Short, curvatious, always singing. She had shorter hair back when we were 13…

Have you kept in touch?

Yeah. Email is great. We had another girl in our class (Sebnem) strike big too and become Turkey’s first female rock star. Ironic, as she was the quiet one in class. Must’ve been a teenage rebellion thing. I’m glad they’re getting some respect, because it otherwise sucks to be a girl in Turkey.

I’ve still got a crush on Catherine Deneuve. We shouldn’t nuke France unless she is off on vacation someplace.

Actually, this site does a fair job of summing up my views on the French.

If it makes you feel any better, I feel the same way about the Irish.

Geez, the gals you went to school have good genes – talent, beauty, approachability… Did you go to the Turkish version of the Charles Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters?

Clearly she is not on the “hit machine” for her song skills ;)

Nah, I feel about the same. Returning my attitude only reinforces it :lol:

Close. I went to the Private-Boarding-School-Where-My-Mom-Taught-English, and got to help grade her papers. No easy task, because she had like 120 students. (Helping mom or dad grade papers is a staple for anyone with teacher parents.)

P.S. - I learned early that presentation counts. If you had beautiful handwriting but crappy English, I’d go a little easier on you than on the guy who had black marks in both categories.