Gal Civ 2 CE

Have been trying to find a copy of GalCiv 2 CE. No luck, and I was about to do a digital purchase for CE, but there’s no option for this (I usually buy the limited or CE versions because of the bling; in this case the rather important ship-building options).

I don’t understand this at all and I’m entirely confused. Am I in error or there has been some half-measure in the way GalCiv may be obtained?

edit: This is terrible. Gal Civ 2 would have been a first-day purchase for me, but my jurisdiction has not seen fit to import it at all. I am now deprived of a CE copy, and judging from the forums, the bling adds a lot of flexibility to construction. I am completely discouraged.

Due to distribution error, Stardock is giving the in-game CE components to everyone. To be honest, though, it’s merely a few extra cosmetic ship components added to the ship design mini-game, which is already bursting with content.

Seriously, you are making a big mistake if you are passing up GalCiv2 due to the CE components not being available.

I managed to snag a copy at one of the local Walmarts (Louisville, KY), but it took some driving. Several Walmarts I visited were already out of stock. Apparently the CE version is what’s shipped when you order a boxed copy at Stardock’s online store, but it’ll be $5 more + shipping. It seems as if Walmart and Stardock’s online store have received all the CE versions.

PM me if you’d like, and I’ll pick up a copy for you where I got mine. I don’t know how much good this’ll do you, though; with cheap shipping, it’ll only be $6-7 cheaper than buying through Stardock’s store.

Thanks for the offer Luke! Might take you up on it if I can’t get any clear answer.

What I seem to have gathered is that all first-print GalCiv2s have been given the CE-status, but it is not clear AT ALL on the Stardock site that online purchases at this point will also be given the CE extras.

I’d expect a dearth of retail detail from an ignorant store clerk, but information missing from the SD site is, well, difficult to understand. There’s even a 102-reply (and growing) thread on SD talking about how to unlock CE goodies for pre-order cases. I
Like Sarkus says, I wouldn’t want to make the mistake of passing up GalCiv 2, but even my queries at local retail stores seem to be coming up empty on whether they will EVER get a CE version of GalCiv2. Looks like I’ll have to hope for a Brad-entity intervention for an answer.

In a fit of consumer madness, I’ve opted for digital delivery with a CD, and crossed fingers on whether I will get the CE goodies.

I purchased GalCiv 1 retail.Would have to say that my first online experience with Stardock has been less than optimal, but if the game is as good as people say it is, then I’m glad that Stardock gets that much more from my gaming dollar.

My understanding is that right now, all orders from SD get the CE version. Maybe Brad can comment, but my impression is that they don’t want to “officially” announce this due to way their retail agreement is structured.

Yeah, you pay more by going through SD, but SD also gets a higher percentage of the money. A discount code wouldn’t hurt though… ;)

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Apologies for not having posted this earlier. I received my GalCiv 2 in the mail, complete with the tech tree. It is the CE version, and it is very pretty. I, for one, am Glad that I bought it direct from SD. Good job, Brad!