Gal Civ II Tips

I finally got a chance to spend a day playing this and I really like it. Seems like the kind of game I’m gonna lose lots of hours too. I’m still on my first game - large map, 4 other races, easy setting and I’m pretty much losing but having fun doing it.

My question is what do I need to do to invade a planet? I’ve got the transport ship, but can’t get past the planets defenses. I sent a fleet of 4 ships against their one ship in orbit and still got my butt handed to me. What do I need to do? Research a new tech, build better ships?

Any other building strategies would be appreciated as well.

Better ships?

Though I once had an odd bug of a small ship defending unrationally against tougher ships. I think it was in the first campaign mission so that might be that.

Get a few good fleets at once, with superior firepower and take it down.

Then, invade.


You have to figure out why their one ship beat your four ships, and do whatever is needed to correct the problem.

For instance, say you are using beam weapons and you found you couldn’t hurt their ship because they had high shield defences (but no other defences), you might want to switch to a different type of weapon.