Galactic Civilization IV - A second thread in case you missed the first one!

Just announced!

Screens and (minor) details here:

Note they misspelled “Civilization” in that article, even in the quoted text, which drives me mad. Generally I believe those that created our language have it probably right, such as the way one should pronounced Aluminium, but my GOD with the “S” and “Z” nonsense in words like Civilization.


The screens look good - I haven’t hardly touched GalCiv3 and it’s been awhile since I lined up with a Stardock game and really enjoyed it (that game was, in fact, GalCiv2 now I think of it), but I’m keeping an open mind for this one, as that costs me nothing. And I do think it looks really purdy.

Excited for this. Just FYI, there’s a GalCiv4 thread here:

Oh! I didn’t see it, but I didn’t search for it - I assumed this was newer than it turned out to be. Thanks! Mods, feel free to delete this, please.

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