Galactic Civilizations 3 announced


The v2.3 update is out today with substantial AI adjustments, game re-balancing, bug fixes, and more made to both games with some additional Crusade-only features.

Video overview:

More info and changelog:


I haven’t been able to start an MP game on the v2.3 opt-in branch for several days now. I’ve tried verifying integrity via Steam and even reinstalling the game (and deleting anything left over in Documents) to no avail.

Anyway, I’ve been sending in the crash reports, but the game barfs on the building galaxy (first step) stage when trying to start a MP game. SP seems to work fine.

Any idea what might be going on? I know GC3 is primarily focused on SP, but the multiplayer issues are really starting to take the wind out of my sails for this game. I was looking forward getting some fixes in 2.3 for things like Ideology events not firing and initial client crash in MP (which you could work around by having the host save on turn 1 and then restoring that session), but now I can’t even play the game at all.


Have you sent in a ticket to support? We’re not seeing any issues with MP so we’d like to see what’s going on.


I’ve just been sending in the crash reports (along with a description of the issue) whenever it happens. I’ll open an actual support ticket when I get home today.


After you open it, send me or post the ticket number and I’ll expedite to the team. Thanks. :)


I really appreciate that. Thanks a lot, @Island_Dog!


@Island_Dog, I submitted the ticket as requested. The ticket number is #GCW-435-75133.


Thanks. I passed it along to the producer to take a look at.


Special daily deal today on Steam: buy Crusade, get Galciv 3 “free”.

In other words, buy GC3 + Crusade for the price of Crusade alone.


I think it’s a good deal. :)


I agree! :)


Does GalCiv 3 have any personality? How does it stack up to Stellaris, whose mechanics are quite interesting for the space 4x genre?


Crusaders improved GalCiv 3 for sure. I’m not sure about personality, but it does have a nice variety of mechanics. It feels much more like a traditional 4X than Stellaris. I do think the hex-based movement for a space 4X bogs down the game a little too much, but it’s a pretty solid game - much more so than I found Stellaris. Not a must buy, but solid.


The bundle deal from the daily sale continues with the summer sale too. :)


Picked it up finally uh, plus all the DLC too.

WIll give it a go sooner than later, I’m sure.


I picked it up on the GoG sale, so now I can only get Mercenaries at full price. My mistake using GoG I guess :(


Wait for another sale on Mercs. It’s not so vital that you need it now.


@Island_Dog, thanks for your help on this. I just got a message back on my ticket.

This was indeed my scenario. I have all the DLC (I’m a Founders owner, or whatever it’s called) and my friend only had some. This hasn’t ever been an issue, but looks like that’s what triggered the bug in the 2.3x patch we were playing.

Hopefully I can give it another shot tomorrow and see if it works!


Anyone having problems with ships disappearing (visually) since Crusade? You can still click on them, and next turn they pop up. This was on a tiny map with 3 races, started after 10 turns.


I haven’t heard about anyone else with that issue. Does it reproduce in a save game?