Galactic Civilizations 4 announced

GalCiv3 never grabbed me, but I’m still looking forward to a new entrant in the space 4X genre.


Looks like Brad was talking a little bit about their ideas for 4:

The interesting bits are here

Sounds fine, some inspiration from Stellaris plus hopefully better combat.

GalCiv never was a hit with me no matter how much I tried, but all those changes listed sound fantastic.

The combination of leaders, colonies and control in specific are the direction I’d like the genre to move to, so I’m in.

If only they’d do away with ship design (kidding, I hate ship design in general, but it’s too much of a core to this franchise to hope otherwise. I’d deal with it)

I was a huge fan of Galciv 2, and I would like to think I had some impact as well on its systems, seeing how active I was during the closed alpha/beta of the game - hell, I hung out with the developers on their chat site most of the day as well.

GC3 didn’t really work out for me - it just felt like I was driving a ship around in a galaxy for some reason.

Looking forward to seeing how this works out!

I was active on GC2 also! what was your tester name?

I think It was razgon? But I am not really sure anymore - both on the forums and on the ICQ I think it was called?

I loved GC2. GC3 is okay, but I think it has some fundamental issues that they’ve avoided and just kept adding more filler content via DLC.

Firstly, the A.I. It struggles to manage it’s economy so much that the only way they can make it competitive is to eliminate maintenance charges for docked ships. It also bypasses the whole fog of war concept.

Secondly, the end game is so high maintenance. You can have an overwhelming advantage but you still have to go around conquering planets, hunting down fleets etc. On the larger maps, it’s just not fun. I’ve finished very few games, you get to an obvious advantage and then just quit and start a new game. The A.I. will not yield unless it has another empire to dump it’s ships/colonies to, so the last empire fights to the last planet.

Yup, this is me on the old forums.

ah cool! this is me on the most important bit ;)

Ah yes - Carielf - I remember her from both the chat and the forums.

I had so much time back then, and spent it all there, or in WoW - Different times :-D

hmm…only Citizen on the forums? Slacking a bit? ;-)

indeed. i think that was the first time that i joined a ‘community’ on the ‘interwebs’, modem and all.

well, i had a few id’s… and there’s 2 there… both ‘evil’… MM77 kept me on me toes

I wish there were more details on what makes this better/different than 3.

The only thing I’ve seen so far is this:

If you missed this link upthread, it has some details.

The way they’re flipping micromanagement on its head is really promising, I like that idea a lot. I’m also pretty keen on the sectors and having multiple waves of exploration instead of frontloaded at the start. It’s what I loved about the Terra map in Civ4, how you got a second wave of exploring/colonizing and had a chance to catch back up if you were losing ground in the Old World.

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Interstellar Space: Genesis does this and it’s GREAT. Probably my favorite part of the game.