Galactic Civilizations 4 announced


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Hey all! I’m the community manager for Stardock, and wanted to share the new update here, I’d love to hear everyones thoughts on Supernova so far.

Updates Include:

  • Art
  • Battle
  • Custom Factions
  • Factions
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Invasions
  • Text
  • U.I
    … and various other miscellaneous fixes!

The full changelog can be found detailed HERE

Hell yeah! Kung-fu space pirates are here thanks to the update!

Users can now select “More Images” until they get the image they want (based on the description of your civ).

Previously, to get more potential race images to choose from, you had to regenerate the entire civilization. Because of how taxing that is on the AlientGPT system, we had to limit that to 5 tries per civ and 25 per day. But since most people just want to try out to see more images, we are separating the civ regeneration to the reroll of the images.

From looking at the roadmap it would seem they might not actually have put that much thought into future releases.

What does this even mean?

August 2023

This will be where we bring it all together to see how everything together.

Hello guys!

You may have heard about Galactic Civilizations 4 releasing at steam.
It’s in early access, so a lot of things are being shaped by the community, and it would be really interesting to hear, what you guys think about the changes planned, and maybe add your ideas :D

Hello Zabik.
if you want to contribute to the discussions here, which is a requirement for being around here, and not just do driveby posting, it would probably be a good idea to read the thread you are posting in.

Hell Razgon, I am sorry if I somehow upset you. I did read through the newest threads before, and also tried rereading it now, but did not find an ongoing discussion about combat specifically.

But maybe I am just blind. I will be thankful, if you point me, what I have missed!

oh - dont worry. I did not become offended.

I was just a bit perplexed that you wrote

When thats what the entire discussion above your post is about. I could have been clearer about that - sorry!

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@zabik, we’re pretty keen on keeping shills out, so @razgon was just giving a bit of friendly advice for how to avoid our wrath. :)

But welcome to the forum, and I look forward to hearing more about GalCiv. I think there’s been a bit of confusion about the release of IV, so I’m grateful to you and @Tatiora for helping clear it up.

Aaah, now I get it :)

I will make sure to be more careful and precise, to follow the high standards of this forum :D

I’ve been loving seeing the silly civs, a friend of mine put in a burger recipe and got a burger brigade, I envision gordon ramsey as the leader

So diplomacy will not be their wheelhouse?

I dunno, I mean depending on how good the food is, briberys on the table

Is @Tatiora still around? I thought she was the community manager.

Actually she was our content writer, I’ve been the community manager since January, however Tatiora has moved onto new opportunities at this time.

Very Impressed with the AI-generated background on my custom CIV! This is as good or better than anything i could have thought of for a faction. Even for a faction I typically play. Game Changer IMO

Im LOVING this backstory generation system!!! Space Paladins!

Honestly it leads to so many goofy fun times, I remember a friend doing a 3 hour stream of just making civs with chats prompts and laughing. I wonder how else this can be used

GalCiv IV: Supernova v1.55 Early Access Update

Hello all! We have another sizable update for everyone going live! Some stand out features include:

  • Tech Tree Rework: Major changes to Exotic World colonization, Interstellar cabinet, and Space Weapons.
  • AI now focuses on weapons and hull research.
  • New Anomaly Events: Say goodbye to the old “stealth field” and hello to fresh surprises!
  • Improved Ship Mechanics: Ships can now attack and invade multiple times per turn.
  • Custom Factions: Enhanced abilities for civilizations, including new citizen types.
  • Economy and Diplomacy Tuning: Revamped trade routes with increased value. Balance tweaks for a fair and engaging experience.
  • Move Your Civ Capital: Yes, you can relocate it now! Also, balanced planetary improvements.

Read More HERE: GalCiv IV: Supernova v1.55 Early Access Update » Forum Post by Frogboy