Galactic Civilizations 4 announced

I like ship design in general but I could not figure out how to create ships, especially adding the custom bits, in GalCiv II.

Stardock games all feel bone dry to me. I buy some of them I play them for a while then I remember why their games just don’t click for me.

and looks like they’re going Epic Exclusive. Lost interest. Probably for the best.

That’s silly. Epic is fine. I have a bajillion games from them (99% free lol).

Not going to get into it in any thread but the EGS one, but their store is fine if you’re just looking for a client to download and install a game. It’s things beyond that core functionality where the complaints are rooted.

Definitely a negative for me that it’s an Epic exclusive but not a dealbreaker. GalCiv I’ll probably wait for the exclusivity to end due to the Workshop, assuming it has mod support.

I’ll wait for the Impulse release.


Alpha access is here! You can learn more about it on our forums.

As with anything in its Alpha form, elements of the game as they are now are subject to change. We deeply appreciate player input and a lot of that will factor into design decisions as we continue to work on development. We are very active in the GalCiv IV Discord and on the forums, so you can share thoughts there if you’re inclined!

Here’s a cool pic of one of the new alien races:

There will be mod support for GCIV, and we will release more information on that at a future time! Glad you enjoy the modding aspect of the game.

Love the look of the Navigators.

I know Brad said that player stats show that most people overwhelmingly play human factions in things like GalCiv, but I really want to see more exotic aliens and non-humanoid forms. In a medium like videogames and a genre like space 4X it would be nice to take some of the shackles off of imagination.

FFS. Off the wishlist then. Thanks for the heads up.

That is great to hear. If Derek Paxton is involved in GC4 it would be ironic if it didn’t support modding, hah! :)

Whaaat noooooo

Is the Impulse release equal to an Impulse buy?

Okay, I’m going to just fast forward us through the next few phases of the thread.

  • “Uuuugh, I’m so sick of EGS whining, take it to the EGS thread!”
  • “EGS is relevant to the discussion considering it’s an exclusive”
  • “There’s no reason to not like EGS, it works fine”
  • “Here are my reasons!”
  • Arguing about importance of various reasons given

Now, lets pretend we just cycled through that a few times and have now moved on to the next stage of thread evolution? :)

You’ve done a man’s job KevinC. [name that movie reference]

Hell yeah!

Jokes aside I really liked Impulse back in the day. One of the few Platforms/Stores I actually miss.

Will modding use Steam Workshop or some proprietary loader?

Impulse was really good. It was why I was so reluctant to transition to Steam.

Steam still isn’t as good, but at least they’ve shown that they’re not out to screw consumers when they could have done so easily.

Fact check for accuracy…check

To be fair, you have to include the periodic

  • “Why don’t you buy it now, <dismissive reason>”?
  • “Because <restart discussion>”
  • “Why must we keep talking about EGS?”

Either way, yes, there’s no point arguing about it, no one is going to change their mind by discussing, and, more importantly, the deals are set in stone.