Galactic Civilizations 4 announced

I listened to a Q&A session on YouTube and the Star Dock Team mentioned that Modding would be built into the game itself. The reason given is that when the game hits stores other than Steam, mods would be more accessible for everyone.

That’s unfortunate. I suspect the modding scene will be less vibrant as a result, but admit it’s just a guess.

What’s unfortunate?

That Galactic Civilizations 4 will not have Steam Workshop support.

They’ve always been amazing with mod support, so I bet that whatever they come up with will be a pretty good solution.

Well, my expectations are quite low of any non-Steam Workshop mechanism, given my experiences with those attempts over the past few years. Not specific to Stardock.

Workshop certainly is convenient but I kind of feel that the build a field and they will come rule applies here. If someone creates a great mod than people will learn how to load it.

It can totally work. Look at Levelhead.

If it has ratings, categories, versioning, sets, automatic updates, etc - plus the same vibrancy of the Steam Workshop - then great, I’m in. If it lacks any of those, I’ll find it annoying in comparison. I’m open to being impressed.

I find this approach super annoying - had it on Rimworld beta, and Distant Worlds Universe. Had to use forums for both and either never update mods, or closely follow what mods have updated. Very impressive compared to what is possible on Steam.

My fear is that by hosting and distributing mods themselves, they’ll have to limit the IP-infringing stuff.

Might be worth noting the current $10 Epic coupon works on GalCiv IV while the sale is still going, bringing the price to just North of $30.

It has a lot of that. This is the marketing department, where newer levels are held until rated and played enough to graduate to the tower. It’s super easy to both make and find levels to play.

How does Steam get away with it? I’m still shocked the New Horizons Stellaris Star Trek mod is still up after several years. I guess this means the Star Trek IP Owners don’t care, an attitude that I’m very happy with.

Or Kerbal Space Program.

Is Kerbal’s mod system internal inside the game? Last I saw it wasn’t.

No 234

I would guess there’s a level of deniability Steam Workshop offers since the game dev/pub isn’t hosting the infringing content, and at the same time the content isn’t really accessible without the game itself which is owned by another company entirely.

You can share vehicles in the workshop, but mods are external. CKAN is the most popular (IMHO ideal) way to manage them.

I was assuming your point was “game on Steam with successful modding community that doesn’t use Workshop”. I may have misunderstood?

Stardock’s mod searching tools were not good in GalCiv 2.