Galactic Civilizations II v1.3 betas now out

For those of you who are interested, the first beta of GalCiv II v1.3 is now out on Stardock Central.

After the fairly substantial update that was 1.2 (mods, new screens, tons of new features, sample alternative UI, etc.) we are spending time on 1.3 to tweak and address those “little things” that get annoying after hours of play. We also updated the computer AI somewhat and made a lot of UI tweaks.

Here’s a link to some screenshots:

If you have Stardock Central, you can download the beta now if you want to give it a try. The final 1.3 should be out next month.


I urge to you sleep occasionally, Brad. You’ll need your energy for when you take over all of my other favorite genres.


Though really, it’s not that much different than modders. I just happen to have source code to the actual game.

Speaking of modders, I got an email tonight from some guys who have made a Star Trek Total conversion to GalCiv II complete with the full 3D models.

Here’s some shots they sent:

I doubt they are authorized by Paramount but they are pretty neat looking.

Plays great :)

I’m gonna keep bugging you guys for an unlocked camera angle in main viewscreen. I want my detailed panaramic view. ppllbbthhh! :)

I’m not sure what you mean. You can unlock the camera in options and it will stay whereever you move it to. Or do you have something else in mind?

Wow that is damn cool. I’m thinking Birth of the Federation without all the suckage.

Any idea on when that TC will be available?

When you’re in the main map view you can’t rotate the camera below a 45 degree angle (see fig 1). This means the only time you get to view the gorgeous detail in your ships is in battles or if you manually “zoom in” (see fig 2). If the camera is unlocked we can use a more zoomed-in view of the strategic map and play with a more cinematic effect. You put all this time and expense into 3d objects but I’d bet 99% of the people out there only see the superb detail in battle mode (if they even use 3d battles) because a close-in view on the main map is fairly useless. So what I’m asking for is an unlocked camera so we get the kind of visage you have in fig 3. This would also allow us to view our ships with the planets & suns as a backdrop and get a cinematic feel in the main view. I’m guessing the camera was locked at 45 degrees on the main view screen for performance reasons, but there’s a ton of us out there with ample horsepower to render everything we can see at a planar angle.

figure 1

figure 2 A nice zoomed in view reveals very little of the surroundings.

figure 3

I wonder what the possibility is of making a mod crossover game. Here’s what I’m thinking: You start out playing a regular Civ 4 game. You go for a space-victory. When you’ve finally made your starship, the mod saves any influencing conditions of your race and economic situation, and sends you over to GalCiv. Now, you play GalCiv – that is, until you colonize another planet. At that point, you’re given the opportunity to play a specific “colonization” scenario in Civ4.

There are a lot of things to consider, but mostly, I’m sure, it’s timing. You’d want to represent the time you spend in the Civ4 version differently than the GC section, as there’d be no way to represent the events in a simultaneous manner.

That would be one hell of a long game, but it would be cool, right?

Yeah, that’d be sweet! How’d you know what I was working on? :P
The trek mod pix almost make me consider returning to trekkiedom, very nice work.

j - your screenshots are broken.

But if I get your meaning, you mean you want to be able to rotate the angle down to the horizon and beyond?

How is GalCiv 2 turning out? Ive heard mixed opinions on it… Is it the one way to go for your 4x space needs?

it’s good, the ship builder is really great. I’m waiting for the next expansion to get back into the game.

Good stuff Brad, for a dude with girl parts…

Oh wait, that’s Derek

It’s all damaging. And Tom missed the musical. Or escaped the musical is probably a better way of doing it.

How is GalCiv 2 turning out? Ive heard mixed opinions on it… Is it the one way to go for your 4x space needs?

Well, my mom says it’s less ugly than our other games. What more can one hope for?

It’s ‘teh awesum’.

Well that’s weird. I can see them just fine. Yes, it would be great to view the main playscreen at any angle instead of the “45 thru 90” degrees we’re locked into right now. Another positive aspect of unlocking the camera angle is we can use visual cues of the ships to see their power instead of having to click each ship. On the main map screen you can’t see any attached items on the underside of ships.

?? Anyone else having trouble seeing my screenshots ??

Screenies look fine to me. Not sure what Brad’s issue is.

I see them now.

I saw the screens just fine as well. Brad, as he’s been told, needs a helmet. :)


Brad, I realise you might not want to give up any specifics, but does the game seem to have staying power? Is it still being bought by people?