Galactic Civilizations Impressions

With the download only version of Galactic Civilizations, can you burn a CD and install it later?


Congrats Brad! It’s looking good for Gal Civ. (81% average)

MoO3 for comparison’s sake: (70% - which it’s lucky to have gotten)

Yes, but you must get the single-file download that’s identical to the retail copy; not the Basic plus Multimedia download through Stardock Central.

Remember that researching other things will lower the research time for the stuff you want, make sure to research at least the first three layers of each before starting to focus. Just like building the fastest building will shorten the time for the rest.

Huh? Researching some techs discounts others?

No idea what you’re talking about, Captain. Certain techs are prerequisites for others, but the only thing that affects research time is your spending and the research capabilities of your individual planets.

Whoa nelly - according to a thread on the boards, empty queues result in wasted production. What the hell?

An update to my range overlay thing - I actually meant distance you can move that turn, not the maximum distance you can move from a planet/starbase/whatever.

Jesus, that just sounds like an awful game mechanic. Either waste resources producing nothing or use the resources producing crap you don’t need, that will likely further drain your coffers with upkeep.

There really isn’t anything that you don’t need, though. I agree that there needs to be some sort of default option that does not involve wasting resources (something akin to Civ’s “produce trade goods”), but in practice it hardly ever comes up. The only time you’ll have empty projects is early in the game, and then only if you focus initially on researching techs that don’t give you new Social projects.

I agree with Ben and if for some reason you want to leave a Social or Military queue empty, simple reducce the funding to 0% and no resources will be wasted. I have not found it to be a problem either in the many games I have played.

Hmm, ok. Still, though.

Oh, I hope auto-updating the planet display every turn is on the fix last. Having to wack F2 every turn to update it is the suck.

Well, then my strategy tends to do that. Even mid game, I usually have several planets that inexplicably outspend their income. I’m still not sure how I can have planets with nothing but Soil Enhancement (0 upkeep) report planetary spending of 12 a turn. In cases like this, I’ll build up economic buildings and that’s it, but of course now I’m wasting social production once there are no economic boosters left to build. I’d rather not build non-priority buildings with upkeep just for the sake of it.

As a result of this, I usually end up fiscally sound through tribute from other races in return for older technologies. There’s another issue, there’s no way to get tech info in the diplomacy screen, so it’s hard to tell the impact of trading a particular tech to another race.

Ugh, it’s these little things that annoy me so much, because the game is fundamentally really damn good. It just needs to iron out some nagging issues that the testers seem to not have paid attention to.

But isn’t the funding controlled on an empire-wide scale? If you cut the funding to 0% for Social or Military, won’t it nuke the funding for ALL the planets in your empire? If so, that seems a worse solution than wasting resources on a few planets.

Do excess research points carry over between projects? Is there a hotkey to switch between planets on the detail screen? Clicking on the little arrows works, but using the arrow keys would be nicer.

Oh yeah, and my planet details screen doesn’t show any numbers for population growth or planet quality. Just the heading.

I agree.

But isn’t the funding controlled on an empire-wide scale? If you cut the funding to 0% for Social or Military, won’t it nuke the funding for ALL the planets in your empire? If so, that seems a worse solution than wasting resources on a few planets.[/quote]

Can we pretend I did not bring that up? That was a crack induced suggestion. No that would not work. I am an idiot. Good day…I said Good Day!

Yeah, right now you can’t really do anything wacky like cut off all research and military to get your infrastructure up, because the waste once half your planets are done and the other half aren’t is just horrible.

Overall this is a fun game, and I expect it will be truely worthy of being called Civ in Space. The vaunted AI has not appeared but I am playing on the default (2nd easiest) level so no worries. Still I have many questions which hopefully Brad or others can help on.

  1. Manual. I can’t find a PDF manual in the install only the one at That one needs more information on a variety of subjects.

  2. Morale/Economy. I think I understand the factors that influence Morale population -, planet quality +, high taxes -, improvements +. I don’t have a clue what the impact of morale is on other things. Say two Qual 20 planets with 2.0 billion people. Planet A has morale of 50 and Planet B has morale of 80. What are the economic impact?

  3. It appears I can lower taxes right before an election to get a temporary increase in morale is that true and intended?

  4. Combat: can two ships with attk<def every damage other (e.g battle Axe)? Can multiple low level ships overwelhm a high level one?

  5. Starbases: Do starbase ever get weapon modules of their own or just bonus to other ships in the squadron? If so does that mean I need a ship to guard my starbase? It appears that resources being mined apply to your whole civ. Do the other bonus factories etc apply only to planets in the same sector as the base.


  1. morale helps to boost population growth and production and research, I don’t think there are hard numbers to compare, or at least I don’t know them. But it does boost pop growth (which also boosts production and research time), production, and research time.

  2. Yes this is intended.

  3. Not…lreally sure, the animation of fleet action only shows one ship attacking. But otherwise there’s no point to a fleet so I gotta think it adds something.

  4. Starbases can only defend themselves or destroy world, this is a pain in the ass. And yes, only in that grid.