Galactica 2005 (with SPOILERS)

It’s back this Friday, and this time we get it first.

Really nice article in EW this week, and it’s the weekend cover story on Salon.

I am psyched…

Smelly old topic. I hateses it!

This topic is a bit more clear, BSG is a little ambiguous…

Minor spoiler

Looks like they are reviving the “Pegasus” plot for near the end of the season, instead of a very dead Lloyd Bridges, Michelle Forbes will be “Admiral Cain”.

— Alan

I do like the trailer they showed on NBC tonight. Was nicely edited and put together, and the song seemed to go with it (not sure what it was).

— Alan

Oh come on, Galactica 2005 could refer to the first season!

Bump :)

Hehe, give it up buddy! This is the one, true season two thread. Give in to the dark side!

— Alan

With all the other things that they’ve updated from the old series you knew this one was too good to pass up.

Here’s the season two trailer aired by NBC on Saturday night:

— Alan

Wow, I really need to see these new episodes now!

Finally - it seems like it’s been years that we’ve been waiting.

Now better wiith Spoliers, and (unlike some other topics) 100% free of Cylon spies.


The look on Colonel Tigh’s face when the fleet wasn’t there was priceless.

Also, Gaeta is so a Cylon.

“That bitch stole my ride”.

It’s kind of funny, but the end of last season felt like some kind of build up, and tonights episode kind of let the air out of that. We’re back in the saddle, but little seems to have changed.

I loved, loved, loved the scene with the guard praying with the president. It perfectly captures the human elements that really make the series work for me.

Did anyone else catch the reference to the old series when the Cylon crashes into the landing strip. “No fire! There’s no fire!”

And next week they’re obviously updating the “Galactica on fire” episode, but with Cylons instead of flames. Guess Vipers armed with foam cannons won’t work this time.

Meh, Gaeta as a cylon would be too over the top I thnk. At that point it’d be like, they’re all cylons, no one is human, Galactica folks just think they’re really human.

Helo is human.

I think that’s all we know for sure.

So were they hacked? I put together two screenshots from the torrent.
The 2nd shot is just after he pulled the 3rd network cable. As he was doing it, the entire firewall screen flashed completely red.

I watched this for the first time tonight - buddy had the final two season 1 episodes Tivo’d and we watched this one. I really liked it.

My only question is - christ, why is everyone such sluts? It seriously at times seemed like everyone was either sleeping with or wanted to sleep with everyone else. Sexual tension and romantic subplots are fine and all that - but is it just me or is it way over the top in that department?

The happiest thing for me was they stopped putting spoiler scenes in the opening credits. They used to start with all that celtic music and the general setup, then switch to drums and show scenes from the episode you were about to watch.

So I’d start every episode with my eyes closed. Last night there was the celtic music, then straight to commercial. No drums.

I like this change as well. I noticed during season 1 that what was going on during the drums got more sexual as time went on too.

I don’t think Gaeta is a cylon.