GalCiv 1.02 and Shootclub

I see that the Qt3 Shootclub empire has made it into the top 10! To see its empire go here:

Also, 1.02 has been updated. It has some of the suggestions from here implemented including having a real time evaluation on trade agreements when the money slider is used (so you don’t have to keep going back and forth on money offers for tech).

It also has the option to have ships leave orbit when built and a bunch of AI tweaks.

We’ll have a stand alone patch available later this week we hope (worst case, a private one, there’s Strategy First marketing that has to be involved for the official public one). But you can get it now via SDCentral.

The real time evaluation of trade deals is a great idea, Brad, but it doesn’t seem to be working in the patch I downloaded tonight. Go back to coding, you slacker :)

I’m starting to really want this game. Any idea if it is available in Ireland, Brad?

Yeah, the 1.02.040 version appears to be broken. There aren’t any sliders sliding in the money pop-up box, instead there’s a fixed white (?) background for the scrollbars. And the text changes colour apparently only after some extra clicks when you’ve set a new amount. Also, there’s a “String not found” label on where the “Leave” button should be.

Other than that, the new patch sounds great. :wink:

I got it in the UK from Strategic Plus Systems, who specialise in US imports.

They got their shipment yesterday, and mine turned up this morning. I’d be surprised if they wouldn’t ship it to Eire for you.

Caveat: The price of US import games is measured in lots of cash. About £10 more than the UK High St.

You mean you still don’t have DSL? :shock:

Chris, my bad, the sync tool didn’t upload the new graphic update. Daylight savings time wreaked a bit of havoc.

Manually syncing now. It’ll be up at .41.

I guess the NPD sales figures will not include your direct sales? I was hoping we could see GalCiv in the top 10 for last week :) , but the majority of your initial sales have been direct downloads it seems.

A quick suggestion for you, Brad. I’m currently playing my first “huge” map, and at this scale, it’s impossible to distinguish between my ships and my starbases on the minimap without zooming. On smaller maps, you can see the “+” of the base clearly, but not on huge/gigantic.

Perhaps the bases can be distinguished in some other way? A different color/a symbol that shows up on the big maps/something else?

Thanks, Brad! The new patch works great. Trading is much faster and more convenient now. Also very nice that you can leave up the dialog box while adding or removing other items (tech etc.).

Another victory for Shoot Club! Just won my first game against Bright AIs with a peaceful, benevolent alliance consisting of me and the Drengin. :D

Haha. Damn Drengin peace-mongers!

Surprisingly, the Drengin barely didn’t do much of anything the entire game, they were somehow stuck on their home planet while the Arceans took over the galaxy.

Or rather, they tried to… up until the point when I sent four dreadnoughts and two battle transports over to their home system (3 colonized planets) when they had just wasted most of their fleet taking over a minor nation system. In the following peace negotiations, I got that system too. Game didn’t last much longer after that. :twisted:

Great game, really. I love the Tiny galaxy size – you don’t have so much to explore, and the engine technologies nicely grade the ship speeds so that you have to consider distances early on, but the end game does not bog down as in other 4X games.

Impossible for GalCiv to show up on any top 10 list. Retailers are generally not carrying anywhere near enough units to do that.

Think of it like movies:

To be in the top 10, you need to be on something like 3000+ screens. Movies that are only on 900 screens just can’t do that. Now, in specific places where it’s available it can be. GalCiv is #4 at Gamestop, #4 at Amazon for instance.

As a percent, few sales are done directly.

I don’t think a color would work too well. Any suggestions on what symbol to use?

Anything I can see without having to zoom in and out would be fine by me, Brad :)

Another starbase-related suggestion. When you find an unclaimed resource, it remains on your minimap even after you move your ship out of sensor range. However, if the AI builds a starbase on said resource before you do, it vanishes. This is a real pain, especially on big maps, since it forces you to write down/remember where the resource used to be.

Since the resource cannot be destroyed or moved, it seems more sensible to have it permanently displayed on your minimap even if it’s alien-controlled. If that means showing the AI starbase there, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, either. Unless you make terror stars out of them, star bases don’t move, so having your map remember their location seems like a sensible general rule.

That brings up something I was wondering about: why do you have to keep enemy starbases in view to know where they are? Terror stars you’d need scanning on, obviously, but that level 2 starbase isn’t going anywhere.

Agreed, Jason, and it’s something I alluded to in my previous post about resources. You obviously shouldn’t receive updated information on every module, but you should know that the bases are there after your initial scouting trip.

Hmm, now that you mention it, that is true. I’ll see what we can do.

The reason you should have to scan for it is that it might indeed be “going somewhere” and fast too. They can get traded, and if you’ve sent a task force to destroy one that has recently become the property of another race, why should you know about it? (Not that the AI does this much yet, but Brad has been saying he’s going to improve the SB code).

It’s easy enough already to know when one is destroyed by the resource reappearing on the minimap.

No, I always find myself forgetting where the heck they are. I don’t need to know details, just the last known location.