Galciv 2 and the copy protection they didn't tell you about

They did not require activation until the beta patch.

They did not mention this activation anywhere in the patch notes.

They did not mention it during the install of the patch.

They did not mention this new activation scheme before the game was released.

They did, however, make extensive promises for post-launch support.

But yeah, I should just suck it up, is that it? Well fuck Stardock.

You guys are such fucking crybabies.

No wonder companies sign with Starforce. If they’re going to get stupid whiny rants over ANYTHING they do, they might as well be fucking you real hard and getting some satisfaction out of it.

Are you seriously angry at Stardock over such a trivial issue? This is a joke topic right?

Kalle, what we’re trying to say is that we don’t see how any of that affects you in any tangible way. I mean, it barely even qualifies as a tiny, one-time inconvenience. It seems like you are pissed off in principle about something that has no effect on your game experience or on your ability to play the game. The activation doesn’t prevent you from installing the game on multiple computers, it doesn’t force you to play with the disc, or otherwise limit the rights that Stardock granted you when you bought the game. They haven’t reneged on their promise of extensive post-launch support, which should be obvious since you just installed an enormous, content-filled patch. About the only thing I can see that someone could even conceivably get pissed over is that the patch requires activation and the patch notes didn’t mention it before you installed the patch. And by my estimation, that particular molehill measures approximately .75 inches in height.

You know, just the other day I was thinking about how great it is that Stardock didn’t require me to activate my games unlike virtually every other online publisher. I’ve been planning on reinstalling windows and I was wondering about Fate and reactivating it, and I couldn’t remember what email I used to register with, and then I realised I had to check it for Mount & Blade too. And it all felt like such a pain compared to all the software I own that doesn’t require activation or limit you to a set of hardware. And I was happy that I bought Galciv 2 from Stardock because I didn’t have to deal with shit like that.

And today all the goodwill I had for Stardock, for not treating me like a thief or throwing obstacles in my path, all that is gone and on top of that I’m pissed that they never even bothered to fucking tell me about it.

You don’t have to activate the game; you just have to activate the patch. If you install the release copy of the game, no activation required.

Ask your self this: If this would have been EA (stusser, please feel free to exchange EA for any french, or french sounding, publisher)- Would this have been oh-kay?

Yes, but I bought the game with the promise of post-release content in mind. And now I feel like they did a bait and switch on me because the only way I’ll get it is if I let them go through with this activation scheme which was never mentioned at any time before this.

I think this situation is just a matter of “here’s how to reward people for actually buying the game.” Sure, someone could have pirated it. But they wouldnt’ be able to install the massive free upgrade. Would this all have been solved with a “to install the patch, you need to be a legit owner of the game” notification?

Okay, fair enough… but I know Brad has mentioned it in practically every interview on the subject: they’re not requiring activation or installing stupid DRM measures to play the game… however, he mentioned repeatedly that Stardock would encourage people to buy the game due to access to patches and free game updates… how else would they make sure someone’s a legit owner – and thus, able to download the free updates – without doing some sort of check? Again, this may just be a matter of complaining that you didn’t get a “you’ll have to verify your legitimacy to get this update”… and if that IS the issue, that’s not really a reason to say “fuck stardock”

Yeah, I get that. So is there any conceivable reason why you’d choose not to activate? Other than the fact that you are pissed off in principle? It’s not like they are asking you to not install it on multiple computers or add disc protection or pay them more money or chop off an arm or anything, so why is the idea that you have to activate this patch so utterly repulsive to you? Why do you even care?

Tom, Stardock did this previously by requiring you to register your serial number with them to download updates. I knew this, I bought Galciv 1 and had no complaints, and I saw that it worked the same in Galciv 2 up until this first beta patch. With the beta patch they introduced an activation scheme which locks down your license to a certain number of machines, as determined by Stardock. Imagine it’s the difference between getting access to Windows Update and activating your copy of Windows XP.

And this is the important part IMO. They did this without at any point letting me know what they were planning to do.

I care because they are messing with the software I bought after I paid them for it. I care because I strongly dislike activation schemes and any type of measure that locks software down to a certain computer. I care because they didn’t fucking tell me they were doing it. I care because I feel like I trusted them not to mess with my machine and they let me down.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this actually just lock down the number of machines that you can install the patch on?

You also don’t have to activate the patch in all cases. I just installed it using Stardock central without ever having to do anything besides click on the “Update” button.

Yes. And so I’m forced to choose between post-launch support I thought I had paid for and an activation scheme I don’t want forced upon me.

You should describe to use in gory detail how Brad’s dick is tearing up your colon at this very moment.

Still not seeing the choice here. You are getting post-launch support. It’s not like you can only install the patch on one computer. There may be a limit to the number of machines you can run with one key, but it’s greater than 2.

this is the attitude that makes companies use starforce. you cant win.

I don’t want to be told what I can do with my property after I have bought it.

I don’t want whatever agreement I made with Stardock when I bought the game to be subject to change at their whim.

I want Stardock to have the courtesy of actually telling me that they are changing our deal before they do it.

In fact, I want Stardock to tell me all this before I put my money down so I can make an informed decision about whether or not I really want this without having the issue forced upon me.

Is all that so damn hard to understand?