GalCiv 2 FAQ

OK I am about to severely abuse Qt3.

It’s clear that people have lots of questions about GC2 mechanics. It’s also clear that Brad wants the community to assemble its list of most important gameplay questions before he’ll collect the answers in the databanks.

So here goes! Qt3 isn’t the best place for this, but honestly it’s not the worst either. Let’s see how far this gets. I’ll keep editing this post until I break the post length limit and then I’ll move this (or someone will). I, and others, really want all this info hyperlinked into the game itself, but that’ll be a long time coming.

I don’t really have time for this, but I don’t seem to be able to resist, so we’ll see how it goes. – Whoops, baby just woke up, so posting this now for flame induction purposes. Will edit more later, and lots more lots later.


BRAD’S ANSWERS (all links to Brad posts only)



OPEN QUESTIONS (links to anyone & everyone)



I would love a detailed look into research costs. I keep hearing that diversifying increases the costs but the details allude me.

We’re about to put up a wiki.

Maybe I’ve just been listening to too much Poweruser.TV, but I’m waiting to find out what horrible joke is embedded in the lyrical track. It sounds suitably mystical and dignified, but I can’t shake the feeling that I now know the Swahili for ‘The vieeeews of Braaad Wardell are not necessarily thoose of…’

Really enjoying it so far, not least because I didn’t realise I owned it until I downloaded a fresh copy of Stardock Central (I had a TGN account which I kindof…uh…forgot about in recent months) in preparation of buying it and found the little icon sitting comfortably at the top of Purchased Games. Nice surprise ;-)

I’ve started working on a little Galactopedia application that shows the data for all buildable & researchable items in the game. A first presentable version should be finished within the week…

Wiki is up too:

Alright, I can’t figure this out. I’m probably either going to get a RTFM or come across like an idiot, but that’s never stopped me before. When I booted up my first game, I went all crazy with the custom coloring, warping the Korx far beyond their original colors. .

Now whenever I start a new game, it seems to be stuck like that. That is, I can’t restore the default colors. The “Clear” button doesn’t work. So… um… how do you restore the default colors on the main alien races?

Care of Octopus Overlords, if you go into your “My Documents” folder and go to “My Documents\My Games\GalCiv2” all changes you’ve made to game settings (and all your designs and all your save games) are in that folder. You should be able to delete them to start over.

That’s… a bit ghetto.