GalCiv 2 - Metaverse Empire Shoot Club

For your pleasure:

Bit of an annoyance, by the way, for your games to count, you have to start them through the Metaverse option in the game.

Yes, that’s a strange change from GalCiv1. Was there a huge problem with cheating or something?

Neat I’ll join up later.

Ugh… First hit the metaverse button, and then login to SDC… Oh, but you don’t have a character… Let’s bring up the web page… Log in again. Now I’m sitting at a web page… Find the “Edit Characters” link in the menu…

Now I have to enter a name, and the GAME SERIAL NUMBER… And of course the form is borked in Firefox.

Could they have made this process suck any more?

Yes they could screw up the avatar upload, oh wait they did that too.

Still loving the game though :)

Mine is having the same problem as Backov’s. Which is really too bad, this is a pretty damn sequel. An upgrade on almost all levels. Great buy.

Chance Brad might drop in if we’re low on paitence?

Ok, I went through that torturous process and created a character, and now I can’t figure out how to join our Empire…

Isn’t it just go here:
and click “Join Empire”?
When logged in, of course.

No such option appears for me. It says “welcome xemu” in the upper right so I assume it thinks I’m logged in. I have a character named Xemu as well that it recognizes as existing, but being in no Empire from within the game.

Maybe you need to set the Empire to “open” or something?

Yeah, I can’t join the Empire either. No option.

Strange, it was available to me. I put it on “moderated”, and when I joined I had to approve my own character.
Strange. I’ll change it to open, then.

No join empire link - can’t really figure out what to do with it. The form worked fine for me in firefox 1.5 though

Well, it’s changed now, report back if it’s still not working, because then I suppose the Metaverse is bugging out. Enjoy your vacation, Brad WINKY SMILEY

Ok that worked, my character “Balut” is now on there.

I was able to join the empire now.

Yep, I’m in now too!

Alright I’m in, can’t play any games yet til they fix the ctd on exit bug, which I heard should be tomorrow.

I’m in as well. I look forward to adding beginner wins and several losses to the club.

So the metaverse just tracks your wins and loses and aggregates them into teams that compete in a virtual galaxy? That’s cool if so, will join after my current game. Though I doubt I will do much for the team besides drag down the stats… =)