GalCiv Crash City - where to find help?

Hey folks:

I’ve been playing GalCiv quite a bit but each day I tend to have more and more crashes. Lately I seem to crash every 30 minutes of play. It’s getting insane. I am running the very latest version downloaded off StarDock (I just checked it again).

My system is brand new and quite vanilla - P4 2.66 with 512 megs of DDR RAM, Windows XP. Running all the latest drivers as of a week ago. I haven’t had any trouble running any other games (or any other programs).

The type of crash I experience is that GalCiv simply closes and leaves me at the desk top. No BSOD, no error message, no lockup, no warning, no nothing. Just GalCiv gone. I can restore my last save and continue but I do lose the few minutes of progress from the last save. It’s beginning to piss me off.

I took a look at Stardock and wasnt able to find anything discussing this. If there is a tech support forum over there, please link me up.

Any suggestions, common troubleshooting tips? Anyone else have this problem?


I’ve had a few CTDs like you but I wouldn’t say it was every half hour, probably every hour. Same thing- press ‘end turn’ and crash with no warnings or messages. I’m running Windows 2000 with an XP 2000 athlon. Maybe I should check if it’s to do with autosaving if it’s regular.

Overclocking? System too hot?

Hmm, after posting I searched around stardock a bit more and found a faq that addressed a crash related to sound. Although my crashes dont seem sound related, the other description seemed to fit. So I downloaded the codec patch and have been able to play for about an hour straight.

That may or may not be the fix. I"ll just have to go play some more :).


GalCiv has been increasingly crash-happy on my system since (I think) the .42 update. The codec package from the Stardock website didn’t help. I tried using SmartException but it was unable to catch those crashes. Guess I’ll have to try disabling the sound.

We’re putting up a new build today onto SDC. We’ve been trying to address the MP3 music codec issue – with mixed results. :(

It seems I’ve found a repeatable crash. The game will crash whenever I move the credits slider of the credits/month dialog to the left whenever the Arceans are up who currently have less than 100 credits in the bank.

Is this a known bug? If not, what’s the e-mail address to send a saved game? And can you read RAR archives or should I use a ZIP file?