GalCiv Demo

In case any of you untrusting souls have not rushed out to get Galactic Civilizations, there is a demo out now for you to sample (At Avault among others). The praise here and elsewhere should have been more than ample, but some of you are idiots and need to be led by the nose it seems.

I should get a credit card or something so I can buy this.

I prefer “gunshy” rather than idiot. :D

Anyway, this game is a pleasant surprise…much more amicably MOO-like than a certain other MOO-like strategy game that came out recently. The only question is, do I have enough free time to justify buying it? :?:

with Gal Civ on your hard drive free time finds you

Most of that free time comes at the expense of sleep or a work day, but hey, it’s a heck of a good time.