GalCiv II Races

The races in this game don’t seem to be even remotely even. The Yor collective, for example, is described as having “very loyal citizens”… but they also have an economic bonus, logistics bonus, several other bonuses, plus tons of starting techs. The poor Altarians, on the other hand, seem to just suck. (Few starting techs, very few racial bonuses)

Am I missing something? Are the races secretly balanced somehow?

It’s all made of points selection, though if you’ll check you can see some races have -6 points.
Some races have spare points you can select.

The only question is if the cost for abilities is balanced, and that can be tweaked over time.

Anyway, Terrans rules.

The Altarians also look like rejects from “The Fast and the Furious” so I guess suckage is in their very nature.

I play terrans just to stop them beating the snot out of me. I finally managed to finish a game and was aiming for the influence victory before the arceans cropped up with the “gets more powerful every turn” doodah. So I laid into them. Hurrah for nano rippers. By time they’d started to adapt it was all over bar the taking of the planets and they dutifully surrendered.

Then I checked my score on the website and I know that I still suck.

edit: Losing 647k-bc on tributes possibly didn’t help, how did that happen?

In AI vs. AI testing, the Terrans, Drengin, and Korx do very well. But there isn’t a significant difference between any of the races overall. But a lot depends on # of players, size of map, etc.